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Month: September 2010

CRIME STOPPERS TV Program Generates Tips

“Crime Stoppers came to KTWU and frankly, without the station’s support, this television program would have never happened,” Det. Doug Searcy, Topeka Police Department 23-year veteran law enforcement investigator, told KTWU viewers in a live interview. “The TV show, ‘Capital Cold Cases’ was born out of a need for local law enforcement agencies to be able to get some publicity for cold cases in the hopes of generating new leads to solving them.” “There are a lot of cold case stories that just cannot get on a national stage even though we had a Topeka case on the 48 HOURS program. Because of that need to get information out to the public, Channel 11 was able to produce this program for us through a partnership with CrimeStoppers,” Det. Doug Searcy commented. “We have been extremely pleased with the tips that have come in referencing both of the cases of the Washburn art student Tirell Ocobock, who was brutally murdered in 1976 on her way to her part-time job as a veterinary assistant and the case of 5-year-old Jackie Hay who was abducted from her front yard in 1981. “Since the program has aired, we have taken in 24 tips. Some of the tips have been for the Ocobock case and some for the Hay case. But the interesting part of this is that we have also received tips in...

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