KTWU’s “I’VE GOT ISSUES” speaks to the importance of college sports to the state of Kansas on the program this month on Wednesday, July 27, at 7 p.m. on KTWU-HD, Digital Channel 11.1.

We all know Kansans are loyal to their favorite teams. In fact research tells us that more people follow the college teams than the professional ones in our area.

This edition of IGI, hosted by Chris Gallagher, will delve inside the social aspects and polite rivalries that exist among the fans and their teams and the psychology and pride that goes along with winning a national championship for the state of Kansas.

And certainly not to be overlooked is the financial impact these sports have on our local economy.

Special guests on the program include Loren Ferre, Washburn University Athletics Director, Sheahon Zenger, Kansas University Athletics Director, John Currie, Kansas State Athletic Director, Eric Sexton, Wichita State Athletic Director and Tad Felts, Kansas Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame Sports Announcer.

In our monthly business segment, IGI takes a look at alternate forms of fueling personal vehicles, and profiles a man who commutes to Kansas City in a natural gas powered vehicle. Viewers learn about a local company that built their own electric-powered delivery truck, and see Westar Energy’s fleet of electric vehicles cruising on the track at Heartland Park.

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