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Month: August 2011


The highest paid executives in the country make hundreds of millions of dollars each year. A favorite athlete makes tens of millions of dollars and the hottest, top careers make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many of them relied on an education to get them where they are today. So why is it that some of the worst-paid people in this country are those that are educating our children? As we head back to school, the next KTWU I’VE GOT ISSUES (IGI) the program focuses on TEACHER PAY: WORTH AND VALUE on Wednesday, August 24 at 7 p.m. on KTWU-HD, Digital Channel 11.1. How often have we heard, “You need a good education, if you want to make it in this world!”? So where do you get this thing called a good education? Most of us get it from people called teachers. According to a McKinsey study, research shows that of all the controllable factors in an education system, the most important– by far– is the effectiveness of the classroom teacher. And today more than ever before, teacher effectiveness has become a major education reform issue. In August, IGI will tackle the complicated ideology of worth and value. Specifically, the monetary worth of a classroom teacher and the monetary value that our society places on their skill and dedication.  IGI will ask teachers why they chose teaching and discuss...

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