Have you ever purchased a new gadget and come to find out that it’s last year’s model? Is there a way to stay on top of the latest technological trends? KTWU’s I’VE GOT ISSUES explores the world of gadgets and gizmos in all areas of life; kitchen, cars, mobil, office
and practical daily use. Viewers can tune in for this new episode on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at 7 p.m. on KTWU-HD, Digital Channel 11.1.

Scheduled to participate on this topic and share some pretty interesting ideas and devices are Julie Clanton of Kitchen Gallery of Topeka, and Mike Worswick of Wolfe’s Camera and Video. IGI will talk with Kohn Liu of online retailer AC Gears via Skype and viewers will ride with host Lena Rodriguez and Alvin Dvorak of Doug Richert Cadillac to experience the latest innovations on new cars. The program is hosted by Lena Rodriguez.

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