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Month: February 2012

IGI Searches for Jobs in Kansas

What areas of Kansas are hardest hit with unemployment? What is the state of Kansas doing to recruit, maintain and strengthen the workforce? What resources are available to help you find a job? KTWU’s I’VE GOT ISSUES launches its second season with a program focusing on “Jobs in Kansas”. This new program will air on Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 7 p.m. on KTWU-HD, Digital Channel 11.1. In this economy, people who have been a part of a workforce for many years, find themselves jobless; and college graduates find that their “dream job”, just might really be a dream since they are still unemployed several months after graduation. What are the secrets in choosing what you may want to do for a living and what professions may actually support your needs and desires? Program guests include Caleb Asher, Deputy Secretary of Workforce Services for the Kansas Department of Commerce, and Secretary of Labor, Karin Brownlee. The program includes a segment on the JAMS program (Jobs in the Arts Make Sense), which is offered through the Van Go organization in Lawrence represented by Assistant Executive Director, Kristen Malloy. And viewers will see a “commentary” by Cathy Hamilton, who writes a column for the Lawrence Journal-World called Boomer Girl Diary. Janet Thompson Jackson is host for this IGI episode.  Further resources are available online at under the I’VE GOT ISSUES button on...

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Andrew Lloyd Webber PHANTOM OF THE OPERA

For viewers that missed the KTWU premiere of PHANTOM, the special program can be seen in encore broadcasts at 6:30 p.m. March 6 on Channel 11.3, 7:30 pm. March 9 on Channel 11.1 and 1 p.m. March 10 on Channel 11.1 This lavish production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is staged in the sumptuous Victorian splendor of London’s Royal Albert Hall. This performance marked the 25th anniversary year of The Phantom of the Opera, a show that has been seen in 145 cities in 27 countries, played to more than 130 million people and won more than 50 major theatre awards. In the tradition of the great PBS presentation of LES MISERABLES, the singing stars of past and present productions take to the stage in celebration of the musical hit that just recently played its 10,000th Broadway...

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American Experience Presents CLINTON

From draft dodging to the Dayton Accords, from Monica Lewinsky to a balanced budget, the presidency of William Jefferson Clinton veered between sordid scandal and grand achievement. American Experience presents CLINTON, a two-night, two-part biography premiering Monday, February 20th at 8 p.m. on KTWU-HD, Digital Channel 11.1. This program explores the fascinating story of an American president who rose from a broken childhood in Arkansas to become one of the most successful politicians in modern American history. It recounts a career of accomplishment and scandal, a marriage that would make history and a presidency that would define the crucial and transformative period between the fall of the Berlin Wall and...

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Topeka High Meets Wichita East in Championship This Sunday on QUEST

It all comes down to the championship for 2012 between Topeka High and Wichita East on QUEST, Sunday, May 13, at 11 a.m. on KTWU-HD, Digital Channel 11.1. The innovative, high-tech local series featuring Kansas high school students facing off in an academic competition is set in a game show environment. Since the start of the year, teams from across the state have competed by answering questions on topics such as art, literature, history, math and science. Hosted by Laura Lorson of Kansas Public Radio (pictured). QUEST 2012 is presented on KTWU by Kansas National Education Association, Learning Quest, and Security...

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