Re'flect: Successful Aging Defined - Luis Monge - Intergenerational Action

At 77, Luis Monge puts community first. Luis was raised by his grandmother who told him if he ever had property, to use it to grow his own fruits and vegetables. Today his backyard is full of fruit trees such as mangos, guava, lemons, pomegranates and vegetable beds galore which he is happy to share with his community. Perhaps this is a metaphor for Luis's life because just as he grows an abundant crop of fruits and vegetables, he also helps grow his community. Since his children were little he has participated in their school on the PTA and school board. Even now he participates in his grandchildren's school, helping to run and grow a community garden on the campus. Beyond his community Luis is a member of the California Senior Legislature, a group of older adults throughout the state who work in tandem with the California Legislature to ensure bills are passed throughout the state that help the senior citizen thrive in California. This year Luis's bill to bring a specialized license plate that support the California Senior Legislature (a non-profit group) will advance to the California Legislature for a vote.

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