The Good Road - Virginia: Balance

Virginia is in a state of struggle between the past and present. Balance in nature and balance in community requires people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and tribes. There is so much in the balance and activists are stepping in to maintain that equilibrium. Monacan Nation Chief Kenneth Branham, whose ancestors lived in villages at Rassawek on the banks of the James River, talks with Craig Martin and Earl Bridges about how modern development is threatening the tribe's traditional burial site. The Rassawek community population was much larger than the colony at Jamestown, and yet most of the historical interest and preservation goes to Jamestown. Earl and Craig also venture to the rural town of Yogaville to speak with activist Swami Dayananda. There they learn more about conservation on the James River and also how a life in pursuit of healthy, organic and locally grown food and medicine will have a positive impact on all of us, our communities and the planet.

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