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KTWU Auction

What is Lights, Camera, Auction? –


It’s a unique on-air fund raising event airing live on KTWU Channel 11 to eastern Kansas and western Missouri. New merchandise and services are auctioned to viewers who bid from home by computer and telephone. The items are contributed by businesses and individuals in support of public television in our 40 county viewing area, reaching over 1 million potential buyers.

The Auction is also an opportunity for companies, corporations, agencies, small businesses and individuals to gain invaluable television and social media exposure. We’re limited only by our imagination and your interest in being part of this great annual event.

Auction income is used to purchase quality programming and maintain equipment for KTWU Channel 11. The majority of the station’s overall funding comes from community support and viewers throughout the area.

Where does the auction take place?

The auction is broadcast live from the KTWU studio on the Washburn University campus. The Auction Warehouse, Pick-up and Pay, and the Auction Store are located at the KTWU building,19th and Jewell. The Auction Store operates during Pick Up and Pay hours at the station.

How are donations arranged?

If you want to provide a donation for Lights, Camera, Auction, please contact us. There are various levels of donation that can be tailored to suit your needs

Donation Levels






Greater than $1000

Major donations of $1000 or more in value will receive a 30 second individual spot highlighting the donation. The deadline for major donations is October 1 to allow sufficient time to produce your spot.

Your item will be shown three times throughout one segment of the auction and sold during that segment. In addition, your item will be listed in our November program guide provided that we have received it no later than October 20. Items received after the deadline will be offered only through our Auction Store.

Any donation valued at a minimum of $50 or more will be acknowledged on-air at the time it is sold. Donations valued at less than $50 will be grouped with other donations of similar value and sold as a package with a minimum value of $50. (No individual acknowledgment can be made on items valued at less than $50.) The deadline for us to receive Regular Board donations is October 1. Any Items received after the deadline will be offered for sale only through our Auction Store.

If you wish to donate using our online form please Enter It Here and someone will contact you with more  details.

You can also download this donation form to mail in.

For more questions please contact Laurie Buhler at: KTWU Auction

or via Mail at:
KTWU Channel 11
1700 SW College Ave 66621.
Phone: (785)-670-1111.
Fax: (785)-670-1112


Check out the items in the upcoming auction and bid online!