Beauty of Oil Painting with Gary and Kathwren Jenkins

In THE BEAUTY OF OIL PAINTING, husband-and-wife artists Gary and Kathwren Jenkins introduce viewers to the art of oil painting from their studio and gallery in Reno, Nevada. Gary and Kathwren's shared passion for teaching is evident as the couple calmly and confidently guide viewers step-by-step through the creation of a new painting. With palette in hand and clean canvas before them, the Jenkins use brilliant color, specific brush strokes and the wet-on-wet method to paint their trademark florals and portraits of creatures great and small.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Barnyard Roses 11.32/28 1:30 pm
Blue and Gold Macaw By Kathwren Jenkins 11.33/20 1:30 pm
Egret Portrait By Gary Jenkins 11.33/12 1:30 pm
Gold Elegance 11.32/14 1:30 pm
Gold Finch 11.32/7 1:30 pm
Hollyhocks 11.32/6 1:30 pm
Majestic Eagle By Gary Jenkins 11.33/27 1:30 pm
Out on a Limb By Gary Jenkins 11.33/19 1:30 pm
Poppies and Daisy's By Gary Jenkins 11.33/13 1:30 pm
Poppy Surprise 11.33/5 1:30 pm
Rose Elegance 11.32/21 1:30 pm
Rose Trellis By Gary Jenkins 11.33/26 1:30 pm
Roses and Gold Leaf By Gary Jenkins 11.33/6 1:30 pm
Rushing Waters 11.32/20 1:30 pm
Sea Turtle 11.32/13 1:30 pm
Sunflower Serenade 11.32/27 1:30 pm