Changing Seas

CHANGING SEAS takes viewers on an exciting adventure to the heart of our liquid planet. The documentary series offers an unprecedented look at how oceanographers and experts study earth's vast underwater wilderness, while shedding light on how over-fishing, global climate change and pollution threaten ocean resources.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Alien Invaders 11.25/17 12:30 pm
Maug's Caldera: A Natural Laboratory A Co-Production with Open Boat Films 11.25/24 1:00 pm
The Cordell Bank: A National Treasure 11.25/10 11:30 am
The Fate of Carbon 11.24/8 1:00 pm
The Future of Seafood 11.25/19 12:30 pm
Toxic Algae: Complex Sources and Solutions 11.25/19 12:00 pm
Toxic Waters 11.24/6 1:00 pm