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David Holland, CPA, CFP, hosts PlanStronger TV a financial variety program featuring fascinating guests. A broad range of topics are covered such as Social Security, long-term care, reverse mortgages, investing, working with financial advisers, estate planning, women and their finances, money and relationships, psychology of money, and many "how to" discussions. Make David Holland your source for interesting information that affects your pocketbook and helps you PlanStronger or your financial future.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Annuities In Overall Plan 11.38/16 10:30 am
Divorce 11.39/20 10:30 am
Elderly Financial Exploitation Risks 11.38/2 10:30 am
Estate Planning for Widows 11.38/23 10:30 am
Housing Decisions In Retirement 11.38/30 10:30 am
Long-Term Care 11.39/27 10:30 am
Retirement Planning: Home Equity 11.38/9 10:30 am
Retirement Planning: Social Security 11.39/6 10:30 am
Women's Finances 11.39/13 10:30 am