List of Sunflower Journeys episodes available online!

 3300-2020 Sunflower Journeys Season


We explore the Glacial Hills of Northeast Kansas with geologist Rex Buchanan and botanist Craig Freeman; next learn about the Capper Foundation’s 100 anniversary from CEO Jim Leiker; finally we revisit a story about Fort Riley and the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.  Watch Here!


In our first segment we find out about attempts to control invasive species on grazing land in central Kansas; next we we review damage done to Kansas state parks during 2019 flooding and their recovery; finally, since a number of events in Kansas were cancelled because of covid-19, including the the mennonite relief sale, we take a look back at the 2015 sale in Hutchinson. Watch Here!


We explore the Chautauqua Hills of Southeast Kansas with geologist Rex Buchanan and botanist Craig Freeman; next we learn about the relationship between Chautauqua events and the women’s rights movement from historian Sarah Bell of the Watkins Museum in Lawrence; finally we revisit a story on the women’s march of 1921 in Crawford county. Watch Here!


We travel near Arkansas City to see evidence of the “Lost City of Etzanoa with Archeologist Donald Blakeslee; next we learn from owner Hayes Kellman about how the Boot Hill distillery in Dodge City uses grain from his farm to distill spirits and make hand sanitizer, finally, we revisit a story from 2016 about the bridges of Cowley County. Watch Here!


In the first segment we explore The Smoky Hills Central Kansas with geologist Rex Buchanan and botanist Craig Freeman; next we learn about the petroglyphs of the Smoky Hills of Kansas” from authors Rex Buchanan, Josh Svaty and Burke Griggs; finally we revisit a story about The Smoky Hills River Festival another festival cancelled by covid-19. Watch Here!


We take a tour of historic Ward Meade Park with director John Bell; next author Chuck Warner discusses his new book “Birds, Bones and Beetles: The Improbable Career and Remarkable Legacy of University of Kansas naturalist Charles D. Bunker.”; finally, we look back at a the Bloody Benders – a segment that had reenactments filmed at historic Ward Meade Park in Topeka. Watch Here!

 3200-2019 Sunflower Journeys Season

 SJ 3201 – Parks and Pets

We travel to Johnson County, KS, to find about efforts to preserve prairie habitat in their park system, which includes seed saving and prairie restoration efforts in Shawnee Mission Park; we head to the Southeast Kansas Nature Center in Galena, KS, to learn the history of Schermerhorn Park; we meet Emi Greiss from the Helping Hands Humane Society, who talks about the nuances of touring Kansas with pets on board, and utilizing social media, we share images that our viewers have posted. Watch here!

SJ 3202 – Something to Eat

We visit the town of Sawyer, KS, and see how the Family Food Store, a business built around on its Old German Baptist Brethren values, has become a destination spot for anyone who loves homemade breads, pies and deli meats; then, it’s off to Salina, KS, where we find out how the Prairieland Market connects citizens of the area with local artisans and farmers; and in our studio, we meet Louise Hanson, a Humanities Kansas speaker who has done extensive research on how important food is in the ethnic traditions of the people who originally settled our state. Watch Here!

SJ 3203 – When History Matters

We uncover the history of Cyrus K. Holliday, one of the founders of Topeka and learn about the contributions he made to the region; we explore the Women’s Suffrage movement, and see how it is being acknowledged for its 100th anniversary; we return to our studio to meet Jennie Chinn, director of the Kansas State Historical Society, to find out how people can interact with the historic past of our region utilizing the resources at the state’s museum and research facilities. Watch  Here!

SJ 3204 – Getting Down to Business

We look into the state’s efforts to make hemp production emerge as part of the Kansas agricultural economy; we talk to Ron Wilson of the Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development and hear Ron define the term “Ruralprenaur,” – a rural entrepreneur who has a vested interest in making a small town grow, including two examples, B&W Trailer Hitches in Humboldt, KS, and the Landoll Corporation in Marysville, KS; in our studio segment, we meet Darin Miller, the owner of co-working spaces in Wamego and Manhattan where his members nurture individual small businesses. Watch Here!

SJ 3205 – Outdoor Classrooms & Recreation

We ride on a bus tour sponsored by the continuing Education Department of Wichita State University to Dodge City, KS, and see how participants experience local history lessons with writer Beccy Tanner as tour guide; we travel north of Topeka to observe the stars at the Banner Creek Science Center and see how the facility focuses on the nighttime sky without interference from city lights; we find out how the Shawnee County Parks and Rec department can deliver a recreational experience outside of an established park setting with their new Mobile Van. Watch Here!

SJ 3206 – Very Eventful

We visit the Mulvane Art Fair on the campus of Washburn University, to see how this juried show features artists from 15 different states, as well as live music in an atmosphere filled with creativity; then it’s off to the Little House on the Prairie Museum in Independence, KS, where an annual festival pays tribute to the author Laura Ingalls Wilder; and in our studio segment, we visit with Rosa Cavazos, from the Greater Topeka Partnership, who give us tips on how a town can promote an event or historic festival using social media. Watch Here!

SJ 3207 – It Grows in Kansas

We learn about the Nicodemus Agricultural Education Camp, which is sponsored by the Kansas Black Farmer’s Association. The purpose of the camp is to encourage young African Americans to consider careers in agriculture. We drop by The Red Tractor Farm in Rural Douglas County find out how important it is for these farmers to carry a family tradition of farming with an attention to producing food using sustainable practices. And in our studio segment, we introduce you to Dr. John Richard Schrock, a retired biology professor from Emporia State University who talks about a publication that’s been produced since the mid 1950s, that helps educate those who are interested in natural history and nature education. Watch Here!

SJ 3208 – Along for the Ride!

We start in Topeka and discuss how the Topeka Metro Bikes program has grown through the years, yet suffered budget cuts in 2019 resulting in the end of the program unless last-minute funding emerges; then we are off to Hutchinson and see the construction of the familiar yellow buses that many of us grew up with at the Collins Bus Corporation; and we meet Joe Hirsch, who purchased his own bus to tour people around Kansas. Watch Here!

SJ 3209 – Remote Places

We follow the journey of the Little Jerusalem area as is it becomes a public state park; we find more unusual entries on National Register of Historic Places found right here in Kansas, and in our studio segment, we meet George Frazier, an author who has written a book about our state called “The Last Wild Places of Kansas.” Watch Here!

SJ 3210: Learning Opportunities

We start in Manhattan, KS, and are introduced to the S.A.V.E. Farm program which strives to encourage returning veterans to develop a career in agriculture; then we visit the Washburn University campus and see how a workshop for high school and college students endeavors to turn out the leaders of tomorrow through an interactive simulation program; and we discuss opportunities for 60+ seniors to audit college courses in Kansas, tuition-free, and interview Bob King, an eager participant, and Steven Grenus from the Washburn University registrar’s office. Watch Here!

SJ 3211: Heritage Tourism

We visit Abilene, KS, and see the result of an extensive remodeling effort at the Eisenhower Museum; we see how history tours of Lawrence, KS share the rich heritage of that town; and in our studio segment, we meet Courtney Garcia, who shares with us the significance of Fiesta Mexicana and the many ways it highlights Mexican culture. Watch Here!

SJ 3212 – Theatrical Arts

We visit the Great Plains Theatre in Abilene, KS, and see how they have recovered from a devastating fire that destroyed their building just four years ago; then it’s off to The Flint Hill Shakespeare Festival in Manhattan, KS, where classic works are portrayed in a popular festival; and in our studio, we meet Craig Fisher, the artistic director of the Ad Astra Theatre in Topeka, KS, that utilizes the historic Jayhawk Theater for some of their productions. Watch Here!

SJ 3213 – All Things Outdoors

We find out how high waters altered many events across our state including the cancelation of the Great Kaw Adventure Race in Eudora, Kansas. Then, we are off to check out the Salt Creek Ranch in Osage County. There, we will see opportunities for people to rediscover their connection to the environment, and how this facility accommodates the traveling horse enthusiast. And in our Studio segment, we meet Scott Bean, an accomplished nature photographer who will talk about his passion of capturing images of Kansas. Watch Here!

 3100-2018 Sunflower Journeys Season

SJ 3101- Safe and Sound

We look back at the contributions that Dr. Samuel Crumbine made to the collective health of citizens throughout the state and beyond; we meet up with the Kansas Highway Patrol and several of their community partners and learn about safety programs; we travel to Wichita and see first-responder techniques demonstrated to kids. Watch Here!

SJ 3102 – An Artists’ Touch

We find out about Arts Connect, a non-profit group dedicated to promoting arts in Topeka; we look at a new community art project in Wamego, Kansas that features Toto, the dog from the Wizard of Oz books and films; and we meet JooYoung Choi, an artist at the Wichita River Festival who invites us to explore her colorful imaginary world. Watch Here!

SJ 3103 – High Up In Kansas

Is Kansas flat? We explore the thoughts of novelist Tom Averill as he talks about viewing Kansas from above; we learn about the Kansas Civil Air Patrol; and we tour a wind turbine in this Plains People segment on Joe Schmidt, manager of a wind farm in Western Kansas. Watch Here!

SJ 3104 – Regional Disaster

We look back to the Brush Creek Flood and talk to some people who were touched by this tragic event; we find out about the Anderson Creek Wildfire and see what role the lack of land management played in fire intensity and we meet Dusty Nichols as he tours us though a blast shelter in this Plains People segment. Watch Here!

SJ 3105 – Kansas Goes National

Topeka acknowledges home builder L.F. Garlinghouse and his contributions to home design in Topeka and beyond; we check in with The Land Institute in Salina, KS, and learn about their on-going work in sustainable agriculture; we meet inventor Cliff Hix, and see how his work has enhanced the screen printing industry. Watch Here!

SJ 3106 – Visions of The Future

We explore a new development in Pittsburg, KS, called Block 22, and see how a public-private partnership has formed to bring together student housing and retail space in the community’s downtown area; we look at a project that began 20 years ago to relocate Lenexa’s downtown area to a new location; we learn about an organization called Forge, which is focused on networking young talent and young professionals in Topeka. Watch Here!

SJ 3107 – And Then We Learn

We visit with members of the Topeka History Geeks and see how social media has brought together these like-minded individuals; we are introduced to a group of high school students in Wamego, KS, who help veterans visit their respective military memorials in Washington, DC; and we look at some of the findings of an archeological training dig at the Kaw Mission in Council Grove, KS. Watch Here!

SJ 3108 – Let’s Get Outdoors

We explore Field Station Dinosaurs, which is a new attraction in Derby, KS, that engages kids with realistic life-size models of prehistoric creatures; we see what camping is like at a vintage RV rally at Eisenhower State Park; and we meet Denise Selbee-Koch and Jennifer Woerner as they lead a group of women on outdoor adventures in this Plains People segment. Watch Here!

SJ 3109 – Small Town Attraction

We visit the Wash O Rama in Cottonwood Falls, KS, and find out how repurposing outdated buildings can stimulate local economies; we visit Atchison, KS, to learn about Ghost Tourism; we travel to Pittsburg, KS, and learn the value of local historical society as we explore the reopening of the Crawford County Historical Museum. Watch Here!

SJ 3110- That’s Entertainment

We visit several opera houses in Kansas, and find out about the history and significance of early opera houses to rural Kansas; we drop in on the 25th Kansas Prairie Pickers gathering in Holton, KS; we meet Philip “Brail” Watson in this Plains People segment. Watch Here!

SJ 3111 – Books, News and Information

We start off by examining a publication called “Little Blue Books,” on the 100th anniversary of these early educational tools; we talk to two professors from Emporia State University about information overload, and how to track the facts when researching on the internet. And we meet the new owner of the Raven Bookstore and see how he helps carry on the tradition of  book reading and community events in the Lawrence community. That’s on this edition of Sunflower Journeys. Watch Here!

SJ 3112- Move Me

For many decades Kansas City had a system of streetcars that moved people around the urban downtown, and we find out about their latest incarnation of people-mover; we travel to McPherson, KS, to learn about the 4-year auto restoration program at McPherson College; we find out about the Sports Car Club of America’s Track Night at Heartland Park in Topeka. Watch Here!

SJ 3113 – Underground and Underwater

We visit SubTropolis, an underground facility in Kansas City; we learn about the dangers of aquatic invasive species like Asian Carp and Zebra Mussels, and we visit Southeastern, Kansas, and see how the mining of coal, lead and zinc tied into the local economy in early 20th century. Watch Here!

3000-2017 Sunflower Journeys Season

 SJ 3001 – Fun Little Things

In this Sunflower Journeys 30th season premiere, we visit the Blue Sky Miniature Horse Farm north of Hays, Kansas; we tour the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures in Kansas City; and we meet Wilma and Wilda Williams from LeRoy, Kansas, who share their vast Barbie collection with us. Watch Here!

 SJ 3002 – History’s Lessons

On this Sunflower Journeys, we visit a regional branch of the National Archives and Records Administration; we see an unusual photo collection of women who were incarcerated under a World War I era law; we visit the grand opening of the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center in Overland Park. Watch Here!

 SJ 3003 – Senior Spotlight

On this episode of Sunflower Journeys, we observe a college class that meets in a retirement center in Manhattan, Kansas, where students are seeking the knowledge of elders; then we talk to a professor who has studied the difficulties of downsizing; and we meet Cam Beatty, who shows us his active take on retirement.Watch Here!

 SJ 3004 – Religious Experience

In this episode of Sunflower Journeys, we learn about Grace Cathedral in Topeka, and find out about their mission within the community; we visit Lawrence, KS, where we see huge pipe organs being made at the Reuter’s Organ Company; and we visit the Sunset Spiritualist Church in Wells, Kansas. Watch Here!

 SJ 3005 – Flowers & Farms

In this episode, we find out about the Bigger family, who raised award-winning peonies in Topeka; we have a chat with folks at the KSU Extension in Topeka to learn about soil testing, including a tour of the KSU soil testing lab in Manhattan, KS; then we meet Kate Johnson, a city dweller who decided to become a non-traditional farmer using Kickstarter funding. Watch Here!

 SJ 3006 – Educational Moments

In this episode, we learn the history of KSAC, a pioneering educational radio station in Manhattan, Kansas; we find out about JAG, short for Jobs for America’s Graduates, and see how this program gives very hands-on assistance to challenged high school students; and we meet Kaylee Erickson, who has a student teaching assignment at a Topeka middle school. Watch Here!

 SJ 3007 – Venturing Outdoors

In this episode, we travel to Manhattan, Kansas to experience high-flying adventures with a new zipline course that shows off the Flint Hills; we venture to the new Baker Wetlands Discovery Center south of Lawrence, KS; and we learn about Operation Outdoors, a wildlife rescue program that gives all types of animals and birds a chance at survival. Watch Here!

 SJ 3008 – Active Tourism

In this Sunflower Journeys episode, we visit Lincoln, Kansas to see why the town features an annual event honoring Abraham Lincoln; we look at a new trend in outdoor camping called, “Glamping”; and we see the opening of the Evil Knievel Museum in Topeka, Kansas. Watch Here!

 SJ 3009 – Food and Fun

The annual Wilson Czech Festival is featured in this episode of Sunflower Journeys, as well as a look at the Internet craze of “sunflower selfies” in Northeast, Kansas; and we look at a small-town fair in Vinland, Kansas, that has a long tradition of bringing that community together. Watch Here!

SJ 3010 – Trails and Quilts

In this Sunflower Journeys show, high school students take the role of teachers for hundreds of grade schoolers during an annual event called “Life on the Frontier” at Fort Scott, Kansas; we look at a celebration commemorating the Chisholm Trail’s 150th year; and we meet Deb Divine, who shares quilts and quilting history with a group of workshop participants, in this Plains People segment. Watch Here!

 SJ 3011 – Science in Action

Sunflower Journeys revisits Kansas beekeepers to see how they are coping with various challenges to the industry; we tour a summer camp for adults at the Kansas Cosmosphere, and we meet Brenda Culbertson, who walks us through the 2017 solar eclipse in this Plains People segment. Watch Here!

 SJ 3012 – Funky Locations & Events

The term salvage yard usually suggests automobiles, but this Sunflower Journeys show starts with a salvage yard for airplanes in Rantoul, Kansas; we look at unusual items that are located in Kansas that appear on the National Register; and we go 4-wheeling with a look at the Kansas Rocks Recreational Park in Mapleton, Kansas. Watch Here!

 SJ 3013 – Historic Tourism

In this show, we get off the beaten path and explore Sycamore Springs Resort in Sabatha, Kansas; we visit the center of downtown Kansas City, Kansas and learn about a Native American cemetery that is found in the middle of that urban area; and we tour Fort Riley’s Fall Apple Day Festival and soak up some of the military history associated with that renowned military establishment. Watch Here!

 2900-2016 Sunflower Journeys Season

 SJ 2901 – A Show For Kids

We travel to Elmdale, KS to visit Camp Wood YMCA; then we travel to Halstead, KS, to explore the Kansas Learning Center for Health; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Sarah Higgerson, the animal care supervisor at the Deanna Rose Childhood Farmstead in Overland Park, KS. Watch Here!

 SJ 2902 – Hobbies

Vinyl records have made a comeback as we see in Salina, KS, at Acoustic Sounds, Inc., a company who remasters award-winning recordings; then we join in on the Topeka Area Water Garden Society Pond Tour and see some amazing backyard ponds; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Margie Hunter, a high-tech Geocacher. Watch Here!

 SJ 2903 – Remembering WWI – 100 Years Later

We visit the Kansas State Historical Society and see an exhibit centered on James Clark Hughes, who had a personal collection of materials related to his wartime experiences; then we learn about the artwork of war, where collections of printed illustrations were used to tell the story of WWI to citizens back home; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Doran Cart, the senior curator at the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Mo, and watch him prepare a new exhibit. Watch Here!

 SJ 2904 – Art

We meet members of the Topeka Art Guild and learn about their 100th year anniversary; see art in action as people who haven’t picked up a paintbrush create beautiful paintings at Paint Therapy Uncorked in Topeka, KS; then its off to Hardtner, KS, where Pake McNally shows off his work as a blacksmith. Watch Here!

SJ 2905 – Education

We start off at Washburn University and see how vintage TV campaign commercials are used to help college students study past Kansas Governors through their political campaigns; then its off to Salina, KS, to visit the K-State Unmanned Aircraft Training Center – a program teaching the building and operation of flying drones; then we meet Kansas Teacher of the Year Justin Coffey in Dodge City, KS. Watch Here!

 SJ 2906 – Agriculture

We visit a Clydesdale Horse Breeding operation in Goddard, KS; then travel to Ag Heritage Park in Alta Vista, KS to look at a collection of memorabilia commemorating early agricultural life in rural America; and we meet Katherine Kelly in our Plains People segment who tells us about Cultivate Kansas City. Watch Here!

 SJ 2907 – Places to Visit

We return to Cowley County in Kansas to see more historic stone arch bridges; then we see a Kansas favorite, the Ball of Twine in Cawker City, KS, during their annual Twine-a-thon; after that, we head to Dodge City, KS, observing the billboards along the way showing Brent Harris, the “face” of Dodge. We meet Brent and learn why Dodge City is a great place to visit. Watch Here!

 SJ 2908 – Recreation

First, we’re off to the Youth Fishing Tournament held annually at Glen Elder Lake in north central Kansas; then we visit Emporia, KS, to learn about the soaring popularity of Disc Golf with the Dynamic Disc company; after that we met brother and sister team Jonathan & Kristin Conard, authors of the Kansas Trail Guide. Watch Here!

 SJ 2909 – Kansas History

We uncover the history of the Rocky Ford Fishing Area, an historic river crossing near Manhattan, KS; then we learn what fifty years of the Historic Preservation Act has done for the state of Kansas; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Stu Entz & Kevin Drewelow who restore historic aircraft at the Combat Air Museum in Topeka, KS. Watch Here!

 SJ 2910 – Events & Destinations

We take a look at The Kansas Riverkings Museum in Lawrence, KS, a new place to visit near downtown; we learn about the Sunflower Music Festival, an annual Topeka, KS, event; and after that it’s off to the Boulevard Drive-In Theater, one of the last theaters of its type in the state located in Merriam, KS. Watch Here!

 SJ 2911 – Festivals

We visit an event that was created just for the fun and enjoyment of eating – the Capitol City Food Truck Festival in Gage Park, Topeka, KS; then we visit Old Shawnee Days in Shawnee, KS, to see a celebration of the community’s pioneer beginnings; and in our Plains People segment, we stop in McPherson, KS, to get a closer look at the McPherson Scottish Festival. Watch Here!

 SJ 2912 Kansas Food & Drink

We visit Paola, KS, to see why Beethoven’s #9 Restaurant has become a spot for destination dining; then we visit a distillery in Atchison, KS that creates Most Wanted Vodka; and we meet Greg Fox, a restauranteur and musician in Topeka, KS. Watch Here!

 SJ 2913 Communities

We start in Beloit, KS at radio station KVSV, “The Voice of the Solomon Valley,” to see how radio enhances a small community; then we meet up with WSU Professor of History Jay Price as he walks us through the NoMar District in North Wichita, an hispanic business community that faces challenges, yet remains optimistic; and we meet Scott Stebner, a photographer who spends a lot of time documenting the farming and ranching community in Kansas. Watch Here!

 2800-2015 Sunflower Journeys Season

(This season only has numbers for titles)

SJ 2801

Find out the early history of the Docking State Office Building; visit the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association world tournament in Topeka; meet Deb Goodrich, a person who takes history quite seriously as she shows us around the Topeka cemetery. Watch Here!

SJ 2802

We look back 50 years to a fateful day in Wichita when a fully loaded military tanker crashes into a residential neighborhood; we travel to Hesston, KS, to visit the Dyck Arboretum; we see what why Myron Schmidt of Goessel, KS built a 9-hole golf course behind his rural Kansas home. Watch Here!

SJ 2803

We visit Coronado Heights, a scenic and historic destination northwest of Lindsborg, KS; we travel to Salina, KS to take in the Smoky Hill River Festival, a tradition since 1977; meet Marc Anderson, a Lindsborg resident who sings in the annual Messiah Festival of the Arts. Watch Here!

SJ 2804

We look back at origins of the Kansas City Arts Institute which started as a sketch club in 1885; we get a taste of the Johnson County Community College Culinary Arts program; meet Hib Kline, a docent from the Arabia SteamBoat Museum in Kansas City, MO. Watch Here!

SJ 2805

We visit the annual Mennonite Relief Sale in Hutchinson; learn the history of Emerson Carey, a pioneer in the Kansas Salt industry; we travel to Buhler, KS, to meet Gary and LaVon Manear. Watch Here!

SJ 2806

See why pianos are painted at Union Station to celebrate the Kansas City Music Educator’s 100 anniversary; learn about the Symphony in the Flint Hills 10th anniversary; meet Bob Scott of Maize, KS, who provides chamber music in a barn. Watch Here!

SJ 2807

We watch nitrogen freeze up ice cream at Eye Scream Labs in Galena, Kansas; we buzz into Sylvan Grove to see Fly Boy Brewery & Eats; meet Heidi Plumb and Kale Dankenbring who left a big city to start up two small businesses in St. Francis, KS. Watch Here!

SJ 2808

We learn about a charter school in Walton, KS, that uses agriculture as a gateway to project based learning; we find out about a trend of agricultural financing called “Slow Money,” that supports small-operation local farmers who grow non-GMO crops; we meet Rachael Savage, an organic crop inspector who also runs a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) market in Topeka. Watch Here!

SJ 2809

We head to Ottawa to see the Plaza Theater, which is considered the oldest, continuously-operating movie theater in the nation and possibly the world; then, we visit Gardner, KS, a small town with historic connections to the many trails that cross Kansas, and through historic films, compare it’s past to present day; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Colin MacMillan, a photographer who lives in Manhattan, KS, and loves to spend his spare time photographing grass burning the Flint Hills. Watch Here!

SJ 2810

In our first segment, we see why Burlington, KS, is called the “Catfish Capital of the World” that dates back to a historic competition with Chetopa, KS to claim the title; we visit a few more small towns to see how their historic soda fountains live on as tourist destinations; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Glenda Trecek, who is trying to rebuild her hometown of Agenda, KS, and make her town viable again. Watch Here!

SJ 2811

We visit Kansas Originals, a small store just north of Wilson along I-70 that sells only Kansas-made or Kansas-connected art, craft and food items; then we trek to Bonner Springs, KS, to glass marbles being made in front of a crowd of eager tourists; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Hoisington resident Phil Webb – a mostly self-taught artist who makes personalized grave stones for unmarked graves. Watch Here!

SJ 2812

A new museum is housed in a building that once served as a parachute-drying and repairing facility during World War II when Pratt, KS, had an air base; we look at the fifty year commemoration of American involvement in the Vietnam War and how the event is being observed by former American and South Vietnamese soldiers; and for something different, we meet Ed Stewart in our Plains People segment. He is a treasure hunter who finds his buried treasures in the most unlikely of places – sites of former privies. Watch Here!

SJ 2813

We meet an author of a new book about Marymount College in Salina, KS. The college closed years ago, but had a huge impact on both the town and the region and when it opened in 1922 as the first all-women’s college in Kansas; we visit MINDDRIVE in Kansas City, MO, where area high school students work on weekends to learn how to build real-world electric cars; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Eric McHenry, the new Poet Laureate of Kansas who promotes poetry across the Midwest. Watch Here!

 2700-2014 Sunflower Journeys Season

 SJ 2701 Sampling Kansas

Wamego hosts the 25th annual gathering known as the Kansas Sampler Festival; the state barbeque championship takes place in Osage City; and meet the creator of Truckhenge, a unique outdoor display of old vehicles. Watch Here!

SJ 2702 – Better Babies & Faded Bison

Efforts in the early 20th century to improve the human genome through eugenics; cleaning the panorama of North American wildlife at KU’s Museum of Natural History; and a woman who conducts genealogical research. Watch Here!

SJ 2703 – Outdoor Life A nonprofit organization provides resources in support of conservation and environmental education; families come together at the Capital Campout in Topeka; and a teacher takes part in a weekend outdoor workshop. Watch Here!

SJ 2704 – Flint Hills Structures

Vintage photos depict life in a rural community as new owners repurpose the general store; a contemporary photographer captures images of subterranean stone shelters; and a stone mason brings his skills to the resurrection of a country schoolhouse. Watch Here!

SJ 2705  – Railroading Heritage

Reflect on the history of Union Station in Kansas City as it celebrates its centennial; learn about the forces that contributed to the demise of the Rock Island Railroad; and railroad enthusiasts operate their own small-gauge railroad. Watch Here!

SJ 2706 Animal Companions

Training for aspiring veterinarians at K-State’s Pet Health Center; a new home for Topeka’s Helping Hands Humane Society; and a dog trainer demonstrates his motivational training techniques. Watch Here!

SJ 2707 Public Libraries

Independence Public Library honored as one of the best small libraries in the nation; Kansas libraries employ unorthodox approaches in extending their services; a librarian works out of a bookmobile. Watch Here!

SJ 2708 Art for All

Eminent Kansan Joab Mulvane & the museum that bears his name; accessible arts at the Kansas School for the Blind; art lab coordinators encourage artist expression by kids. Watch Here!

SJ 2709 Rural Vistas

Aging shelterbelts affected by climate change; a tour of classic barns with the Kansas Barn Alliance; a Jamestown craftsman creates a covered bridge. Watch Here!

SJ 2710 Touring Kansas

Commemorating a highway route called The Great White Way; a farm and winery tour in the Kaw Valley; an urbanite enjoys rural treks on foot. Watch Here!

SJ 2711 Stately Structures

We take a look at the newly restored Kansas Capitol building and learn of its new offerings for tourists; learn about a beloved building on the K-State campus that was burned in protest by students in the ’60s, yet saved by a later group of students in the ’80s; Mike Goans works to save an historic building utilized by early German immigrants in Lawrence, KS. Watch Here!

SJ 2712 Progress & Preservation

We look at the story of the South Lawrence Trafficway, a roadway that has taken years to overcome obstacles including passage through a wetlands area; Olympian Billy Mills teams up with the Kansas Kickapoo to bring attention to diabetes within Native American populations; meet Ken Brunson, project director for the Nature Conservancy in the Red Hills of Kansas. Watch Here!

SJ 2713 Living Legacies

We visit the Brown v Board of Education National Historic Site and see how the facility is commemorating 60 years of the landmark US Supreme Court court case that desegregated American schools, take a drive to Iola, KS, to learn about the Bowlus Arts Center’s 50th anniversary; and meet Dan Thalmann, a newspaper publisher in Washington, KS, who feels the newspaper business is an important way to document a community as a legacy for future generations. Watch Here!

2600-2013 Sunflower Journeys Season

 SJ 2601 Photographers

We’ll step back to an earlier time to see how a portrait photographer composed images of local citizens who came in to his studio in St. John, KS; learn about Tom Parker’s recent project documenting life in Blue Rapids, KS, through photographs depicting the different ways that people earn their livings; and venture out to a prairie chicken booming ground with Casey Wilson, who shows us what it takes to capture vivid images of birds in motion. Watch Here!

SJ 2602 Going Green

We’ll see how students in Topeka are being educated about electricity and renewable energy through a new science park; explore the expansion of the Bowersock Hydropower facility on the Kansas River at Lawrence, KS; and introduce you to Sherri Thomas in Overland Park, KS, and find out about a growing trend to turn grassy lawns into edible landscapes. Watch Here!

SJ 2603 Civics Lessons – We’ll reflect upon the life of Arthur Capper – a newspaper man who served as the 20th governor of Kansas and five terms as a U.S. senator; learn how the former Governor’s Mansion that stood at 8th and Buchanan in Topeka was torn down years ago, yet has artifacts that live on today in a downtown hotel complex; and tag along with high school student Carl Palmquist, a candidate campaigning for governor of American Legion’s Boys State. Watch Here!

SJ 2604 Murals, Glass & Masks – We’ll visit a few post offices where we’ll find some colorful murals depicting scenes from our past; learn about the history and evolution of depression glass as we travel to a national convention in Wellington, KS; and introduce you to Dave Van Hee, artist in Lawrence who’s best known for the distinctive masks he creates. Watch Here!

SJ 2605 Water Woes – We visit with some folks who experienced the Dust Bowl days first hand, learn how they coped with the conditions, and about the lasting legacy of the study of environmental history; as the Ogallala Aquifer in western Kansas continues to decline, a new approach to groundwater management being implemented near Colby may be able to slow the decline; and we follow Shawnee County Extension Agent Jamie Hancock as she is surrounded by enthusiastic gardeners and teaches a low-water gardening technique called xeriscaping. Watch Here!

SJ #2606  Nature of the Flint Hills – We’ll tag along with Josh & Gwen Hoy who provide a rare opportunity to experience a cattle drive through the Flint Hills on the Flying W Ranch near Cedar Point; explore an early memoir written by Kansas columnist Zula Bennington Greene, better know as “Peggy of the Flint Hills,” that documented her early days in Kansas; and we follow Scott Allen of the Kanza Rail Trails Conservancy as he guides a group of Boy Scouts through a weekend of camping, hiking and biking along the Flint Hills Nature Trail.
Watch Here!

SJ 2607 Music Venues – It’s been a busy year for the newly-opened Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts as we take a look at this world-class facility, meet the center’s director Jane Chu, and find out how it’s fitting in to the musical culture of Kansas City and the region; then on to Chase County, where their local chamber of commerce stages an event “River Suite,” serving supper accompanied by live music to guests assembled on the old river bridge at Cottonwood Falls; and we follow Bryan Lewis, one of the organizers of the “Brews, BBQ & Blues Festival” in downtown Topeka, as he sets the stage for this event. Watch Here!

SJ 2608  Music & Films” – We learn the story of the entrepreneurship and innovation that flourished in Chanute in the 60s and 70s as the Kustom Amplifier Company became the biggest name in stage amplification; then we find out about Film Row in Kansas City, where Walt Disney’s early work in animation began and film distribution continued there for decades; and finally, we track down the Peterson Farm Bros., three brothers from Assaria, KS, who have gotten a lot of attention telling the story of farming through online music parody videos. Watch Here!

SJ 2609 Mined Lands – In this show, explore the history of the lead & zinc mines in SE Kansas along with their economic, health and environmental impacts on the region; then we meet New Yorkers Dina Kantor and Chaela Herridge-Meyer, who documented the decline and eventual demise of Treece, KS and Picher, Oklahoma, both former mining towns; then we head underground with Trevor Morris, a docent at the Kansas Salt Museum, who takes visitors on tours 650 feet below the prairie surface. Watch Here!

SJ 2610 Museums & Artifacts – Take a look inside a thriving community museum as we tour the Smoky Hill Museum, in Salina and watch a new exhibit about cameras and photography come to life; Blair Tarr, curator of the Kansas Museum of History in Topeka showcases items stored in the museum’s collections that rarely see the light of the exhibition areas; then we follow Lisa Cusick & Coralee Evans, the owners of “Two Days Monthly Market” as they prepare for the First Friday Art Walk in the NOTO Arts District in Topeka. Watch Here!

SJ 2611 Local Fare – In our first story, we focus on two annual events that present outdoor feasts to celebrate the crops from Zeandale and Edgerton, KS; then we watch a train leave Baldwin City loaded with hungry passengers who are there to experience railroad dining, mixed with a bit of entertainment on the Kansas Belle Dinner Train; and, following a family tradition, Nick and Terry Xidis create chocolate masterpieces on a daily basis in their downtown Topeka store, where we see the creation of a chocolate buffalo for a fundraising event. Watch Here!

SJ 2612 Back to Nature – We head to Lawrence, where the national publication “Mother Earth News” hosts a fair in a local park, bringing together speakers and exhibitors promoting sustainability; we explore a special assistance program which helps new immigrant and refugee workers from Burma and Somalia in the planting, growing and selling of their crops at various Farmers Markets throughout Kansas City; then in our Plains People segment, we meet Anna Talleur and her husband Massimo Ferarra, who produce most of their own food on their Jefferson county farm. Watch Here!

SJ 2613 Diverse Views – We observe the work of local photographers Leon and Rosie Hughes as they reveal the day-to-day life and special events chronicled in Wichita’s African American community during the 50s, 60s and 70s; then we look at various events staged over a period of several days in Topeka, which reflect a theme connected to the “Day of the Dead,” a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico; after that we meet Joseph Nadeau, the artistic director of the Heartland Men’s Chorus in Kansas City, as he allows us to tag along behind the scenes of a vocal concert that tells the story of how gay men were persecuted during the holocaust in Nazi Germany. Watch Here!

2500-2012 Sunflower Journeys Season

SJ 2501 – Rediscovering the Flint Hills

The premiere episode of the 25th season of “Sunflower Journeys” begins with the dedication and opening of the Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattan; then we learn about recent developments related to tourism in the Flint Hills, as we visit old & new attractions and explore initiatives being used to bring more visitors to the area; after that we meet Bill and Julia McBride, who moved to Kansas, from Illinois, to be immersed in the Flint Hills just north of Matfield Green. They repurposed a former railroad bunkhouse into a lodge for guests and named it “Matfield Station.” Watch Here!

SJ 2502 – Re-envisioning Topeka

We see how residents of Topeka are engaged in efforts to restore Constitution Hall, an historic structure connected to early Kansas history; then we learn about the North Topeka Arts District, a section of downtown Topeka that is being spruced up and transformed into a vital arts community; and we profile Andy McKee, a Topeka, KS, fingerstyle guitar player who became a YouTube sensation resulting in an international following and worldwide concert tours. Watch Here!

SJ 2503 – Barns, Farmsteads & Fences

In the first segment, we see how the Richard Howe House provides an example of an 1860s Welsh farmstead while the story associated with it connects to the early history of Emporia; then we visit the small town of De Soto, where a group of citizens assist with the reconstruction of the Kill Creek barn, which destroyed by a tornado; and in our Plains People segment, we meet the Terry Gottschalk and his sons, Clint and Trent, who demonstrate how they construct a barbed wire fence on a hot, summer day, not far from their Logan, KS, hometown. Watch Here!

SJ 2504 – Unusual Art

We travel to Lucas, KS, and learn about restoration efforts on the tourist attraction, S.P. Dinsmore’s Garden of Eden; then we visit to a couple of the carousels built by C.W. Parker in Abilene and Leavenworth, and learn about C. W. Parker and his importance to both communities; and in our Plains People segment, we spend time with Erika Nelson, a young woman who developed her own unique travelling museum, and we follow Erika to the “World’s Largest Catsup Bottle Festival” in Collinsville, IL., as she drives a travelling art exhibit. Watch Here!

SJ 2505 – Business Matters

We learn about the culture of change in Wichita’s aircraft industry and see how the city is adjusting as Boeing departs, and we speak to several individuals involved in the industry, and hear about some positive events including expansion of Bombardier/Learjet; then it’s off to Great Bend, KS, where the Fuller Brush Company has been cranking out brushes and cleaning products of all kinds since the 1970s, many of which were sold through a door-to-door sales force; and we find out about the process of hat making from the owner of Hatman Jack’s in Wichita, KS. In his shop, he sells hats of all types, and fits the hat to the personality of his customers. Watch Here!

SJ 2506 – Food Production

We see how the Kansas Rural Center in Whiting, KS., is assisting small farmers through a new initiative called “Our Local Food;” then we visit a local farmers market, we meet a David and Susan Warriner, from Perry, KS, who sell the herbs and vegetables grown in their greenhouse; and we visit White City, KS to meet cattle rancher Debbie Blythe, who was recently recognized as “America’s Farm Mom.” Watch Here!

 SJ 2507 – Smalltown Ventures

In this show, we visit the pie makers of Washington, KS, who prepare and bake MarCon Pies. Owner Don Walsh talks about the popularity of their pies, which are distributed to a large area of northeastern Kansas; then we meet Lawrence Herrs, a collector of antique vehicles, who opened Herrs Car and Truck Museum to show off his collection, also in Washington, KS; then we meet playwright Marcia Cebulska and singer/song- writer Kelley Hunt who join forces in Greensburg, KS, to produce a play at the 5th anniversary of the EF5 tornado that levelled the community in May of 2007. Watch Here!

 SJ 2508 – From Girls To Women

Step back to the 1920s to hear the story of a group of women in southeastern Kansas referred to as “The Amazon Army,” who participated in a mass march in protest of unfair labor practices; then we learn about the mission of the Girl Scouts, and explore Camp Daisy Hindman in Dover, KS. Girl Scouts of America celebrated 100 years of service in 2012, and national treasurer of the organization, Joan Wagnon, talks about her involvement; after that, we meet a dedicated young woman who takes a leadership role in her local 4-H club. Abby Miller leads a dog training group from weekly training sessions to participating in the Shawnee County Fair in Topeka, KS. Watch Here!

 SJ 2509 – Schools of Note

Hear about the experiences of those who attended rural, one-room schools such as the Rapp Schoolhouse in Osage County. The schoolhouse, which has been made a National and State Historic Site, is open to the public for tours by appointment; then we see how a once segregated high school in Kansas City, KS, made the transition to an award-winning magnet school; after that we meet a teacher at the Kansas School for the Deaf in Olathe. Joelle Allen. Established in 1866, it became the first school for the deaf in Kansas. Watch Here!

 SJ 2510 – Water Resources

We examine the state of our rivers and streams as we mark the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act. EPA Region 7 Administrator Karl Brooks, and Tom Stiles, from the Bureau of Water of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment talk about the history of the act, and its legacy today; then we find out about the use of Hydraulic Fracturing, or “fracking,” that’s currently being used in the production of oil and gas in Kansas. Vertical fracking originated in Kansas in 1946, but new innovation with horizontal drilling has made even more extraction of resources possible, albeit with some concerns; then we take a float down the Kansas River with its official “river- keeper.” Laura is a full-time, non-governmental advocate dedicated to monitoring the health of the Kansas (Kaw) river. Watch Here!

 SJ 2511 – Indigenous Peoples

Hear the story of Charles Curtis, a member of the Kaw Tribe who served as Vice President under Herbert Hoover. In this segment, we tour the house he owned, located near the Kansas Statehouse in downtown Topeka; then we learn about the Kaw Nation today as it maintains a connection to Council Grove and the Kaw Heritage Traill and in our Plains People segment, we meet a Lakota actor and musician, Moses Brings Plenty, who lives near Paola, KS. Moses Brings Plenty played drums for the band Brulé, who combines traditional Native American drums and flute with contemporary musical instruments and has been featured on PBS. Watch Here!

 SJ 2512 – Civil War Memories

Travel on the Frontier Military Historic Byway that runs along the Kansas-Missouri border and learn about some of the historic events that transpired on and around the former military road; then we meet a group of students from Glasco, KS, who participated in a classroom project to chronicle the lives of soldiers who died during the civil war and were buried in local cemeteries; and we join a group reenacting the Battle of Lone Jack in Jackson County, Missouri, near the town of Raymore. Watch Here!

SJ 2513 – Politics & Government

A visit to Concordia, KS, gives us a chance to check out the special room dedicated to honoring the career of Sen. Frank Carlson, a man who was the only Kansan to have ever served as 30th Governor of Kansas, Kansas State Representative, United States Representative, and United States Senator; then PBS NewsHour commentator Richard Norton Smith gives us some insight into contemporary political discourse used in the 2012 national election cycle; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Bernadette Forge, a member of the Topeka League of Women Voters and watch as she works to get voters of all ages registered for the 2012 election. Watch Here!

2400-2011 Sunflower Journeys Season

 SJ 2401 – Launching the Sesquicentennial

In this 2011 premiere show, we’ll see how the state historical society helped get the sesquicentennial ball rolling with a special event at the Kansas History Center; learn how Abilene, KS staged a special event to mark the occasion; and introduce you to Dale Nimz, who’s helping identify historic structures built around the time of Kansas became a state. Watch Here!

SJ 2402 – Statehood & the Civil War 

In this show we see how the border war with Missouri heated up as an order was given to depopulate an entire region; learn about some of the local historical events that took place near Humboldt and Iola, and reflect on the life of a Civil War nurse called “Mother Bickerdyke,” as portrayed by Lu Adams of Ellsworth, KS. Watch Here!

SJ 2403 – Voices of Kansas

In this show we’ll see how the Topeka Symphony collaborated with some other local musicians as we explore the story behind a Kansas Song Project; see how the Wichita Grand Opera celebrated its tenth anniversary as we reflect on the career of Kansas opera star Samuel Ramey; and follow along with Judy Coder as she takes part in a “Home-On-The-Range” concert in Hutchinson and shares her passion for music with others. Watch Here!  

SJ 2404 – Early Residents 

We’ll see what a recent dig turned up as archeologists excavated an area along the blue river north of Manhattan; learn about the construction of stone fences in the hills of Wabaunsee County; and meet Mike Adams, who enjoys connecting with the past in a more personal way. Watch Here!

SJ 2405 – Native Cultures  

We’ll visit a summer camp for kids that’s hosted by the Indian Center of Kansas City; learn about a new golf course on the Prairie Band Potawatomi Reservation; and meet a Cherokee farrier who’s maintaining a family tradition. Watch Here!

SJ 2406 – Field Lab, Farm Aid & Food Producer

We’ll learn about the environmental research projects being carried out at KU’s Field Lab north of Lawrence; witness Willie Nelson’s induction into the Agricultural Hall of Fame as Farm Aid came to Kansas; and spend some time with Ryan Hanna, who likes to see buffalo roaming the range again. Watch Here!

SJ 2407 – Outdoor Adventures

Explore “The 8 Wonders of Kansas,” a new guidebook by Marci Penner that highlights more than 200 Kansas attractions; check out a sampling of the new rental cabins available in Kansas’ state parks; and join a snake hunt near Mankato with herpetologist Joe Collins. Watch Here! 

SJ 2408 – Adventures for Kids

Tour the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, which recently opened in Topeka; head out to Council Grove Reservoir to see what goes on at a summer camp for kids; and spend some time with a show chorus for high school students at Seaman High in Topeka. Watch Here!

SJ 2409 – Local Sesqui-Celebrations 

In conjunction with the state’s sesquicentennial, the Hays Public Library celebrates its own centennial through a special photography exhibit; residents of Garnett reflect upon their past as they commemorate the community’s sesquicentennial; and a ranger at the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site portrays Julia Roundtree, a noted educator and activist. Watch Here! 

SJ 2410 – Faith Groups 

Learn about Charler Parham, the Topeka preacher who played a founding role in the Pentecostal movement; hear about the contemporary experiences of those who practice their Islamic faith in the heartland; and see how Barry Feaker, the director of the Topeka Rescue Mission, ministers to the hungry and homeless. Watch Here!

SJ 2411 – Art in Action

Hear about the role of the Topeka Civic Theatre, which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary; see what’s happened in response to ta move that affects public funding of the arts in Kansas; and meet Aaron Fowler, a musician who works with kids to turn stories into songs. Watch Here! 

SJ 2412 – Notable Kansans 

Reflect on the life of James Arness and the impact of “Gunsmoke” on Dodge City; learn about a new heritage educational center at the Hale Ritchie House in Topeka; and hear about the experiences of Elmer Green, who pioneered the practice of biofeedback and developed insights into Alzheimer’s. Watch Here!

 SJ 2413 – Rural Opportunity 

Join the “Sunflower Parade” in Wichita, celebrating the sesquicentennial of Kansas statehood; learn about the efforts to keep post offices open in small, rural communities; and see how John and Sonja Woods and family have had a moving experience with a former parsonage in Lindsborg. Watch Here! 

2300-2011 Sunflower Journeys Season

SJ 2301 – Greensburg, Cheyenne Bottoms & The Arts in Hays

City administrator Steve Hewitt and Daniel Wallach, director of an organization called Greensburg Greentown, describe the town’s efforts to rebuild as a model “green” community following the devastating tornado of May 2007; then we visit the Kansas Wetlands Education Center which overlooks Cheyenne Bottoms, a wetland area crucial to the diverse species of birds migrating along the central flyway; after that, Executive director of the Hays Arts Council, Brenda Meder organizes the annual Spring Gallery Walk, where hundreds of folks descend on Hays, KS, to take in local artworks. Watch Here!

SJ 2302 – Murals, Newspapers & Grocery Stores

We visit the Cloud County Mural in Concordia, KS, which is reported to be the longest sculpted brick mural in the nation, on the east side of the Cloud County Museum Annex along Highway 81 in downtown Concordia, KS; then, it’s off to Marysville, KS, to learn about The Marysville Advocate, which plays a vital role in the daily affairs of the citizens residing in Marshall County; and in our Plains People segment, we visit the small town of Cuba, KS, where Dale & Laverna Huncovsky run the local grocery store and a restaurant, relying upon volunteers to assist in keeping it all running. Watch Here!

SJ 2303 – Waterville, Moyer Ranch & Antique Stoves

We see how energetic residents in the small town of Waterville promote their community as a tourist destination as they develop tours related to local attractions such as the Weaver Hotel and their railroading heritage; then we find out about the Kansas Land Trust, which has negotiated a conservation easement on 6,800 acres of land near Fort Riley, which will serve as a buffer to development around the fort while also preserving a large tract of tallgrass prairie; and we meet Steve Hund, Jr., the proprietor of one of the many antique shops in Paxico, KS, and see how he restores antique stoves and assists with the annual Car Show and Meatloaf Festival. Watch Here!

SJ 2304 – Ranching, Conservation & A New State Park

Located in the heart of the Flint Hills near Matfield Green, we see how Pioneer Bluff, which served as the home of a pioneering ranching family for many years, is now serving as an education center which offers opportunities for visitors to learn about the history and ecology of the tallgrass prairie; then we see how the Natural Resources Conservation Service works with landowners to maintain healthy ecosystems through conservation planning and assistance programs; and we meet Jeffrey Bender, who inaugurates the new Kaw River State Park, located behind the Cedar Crest, the Kansas Governor’s Mansion in Topeka. Watch Here!

SJ 2305 – Lebanese Entrepreneurs, Statehouse Stone-Carving, & Hats

We learn about the history of the Lebanese community within the city of Wichita,

to see how descendants of original immigrants took advantage of opportunities to expand into real estate and food marketing, becoming successful entrepreneurs in Wichita; then, as the Kansas Capitol building undergoes a major renovation, exterior stonework presents a special challenge; then in our Plains People segment, a colorful character who’s known to many in Topeka, KS, Marge Heeney can often be picked out of a crowd by the feathered hats she wears. Watch Here! 

SJ 2306 – Paola Community, Pittsburg Landmarks & Ham Radio

We see how a large auditorium constructed in 1916 on the grounds of the Ursuline Academy in Paola, KS, which was a Catholic institution that closed in 1971, became a community center which provides Paola and surrounding communities with a showcase for local arts and educational activities; then we travel to Pittsburg, KS, to see the Colonial Fox Theatre and the Stilwell Hotel, which provide anchors for downtown redevelopment; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Karri Barker, who grew up watching her grandfather talk to people around the world on a Ham radio from his rural Paola home, and we see how Karri has embarked on a quest to be a ham operator herself as she becomes involved with the local amateur radio club. Watch Here! 

SJ 2307 – Smalltown Store, Picturesque Church & Rural Prints

We’ll see what’s been happening with a smalltown hardware store in Wheaton, Kansas, where a family business holds together and adapts to the changing times; tour St. Mary’s Church in St. Benedict that’s been identified as one of the “8 Wonders of Kansas Art,” and meet Justin Marable, a young artist who conveys his impression of rural Kansas scenes through his printmaking. Watch Here!

SJ 2308 – Murphy’s Mercantile, Secret Garden & Auctioneer

We’ll spend some time with a family in Stark, Kansas that’s developed a number of businesses in their little town; move on to explore a “secret” garden that has been uncovered in Elk Falls, Kansas; then meet Megan McCurdy, a woman who has learned how to keep up a fast pace to get her job done as an auctioneer. Watch Here!

SJ 2309 – Tribune’s Townfolk, Ulysses Utility & Farmer Josh

We’ll head out to within a few miles of the Colorado border to see what’s going on in the town of Tribune; move down to Ulysses in Southwestern, KS to find out how what’s so special in that town of 6,000 that seems to draw folks who have moved away, back to their roots; and spend some time with Josh Svaty, a young farmer who’s also served as the secretary of agriculture for Kansas. Watch Here!

SJ 2310 – Downtown Holton, Clarks Creek & Smalltown Mortician

We’ll take a look at the Holton House, a bed and breakfast in Holton that’s known for its chicken dinners and it’s ghostly inhabitants; learn about a watershed-based program to protect water quality through Kansas; and meet Ken Stanton, a mortician who decided to move his business from a city in Arizona to a small town in Kansas named Preston. Watch Here!

SJ 2311 – French Connection, Burlingame Businesses & Flying Pig

First, we head out to Damar, Kansas, a small town north of Hays, where local residents have been reconnecting with their French-Canadian ancestry; then we’ll see how downtown Burlingame has been spruced up as some newcomers have moved in and reclaimed old buildings as locations to open new businesses; and we’ll travel to Lucas, Kansas, and spend some time with Eric Abraham, an artist whose ceramics studio is occupied by flying pigs. Watch Here!

 SJ 2312 – Main Street Sterling, Lindsborg Artist & Poultry Rancher

We’ll pay a visit to Sterling to see how a main street program has helped revitalize their downtown businesses; move on to Lindsborg to learn about the life and legacy of Birger Sandzen and the gallery that was created in his honor to showcase not only his work, but more recently, the work of Bethany College students and other artists as well; and travel to a nearby turkey ranch to meet Frank Reese, whose passion is the care and breeding of heritage poultry. Watch Here!

 SJ 2313 – (Episode 2313 is no longer available in its entirety.) However, the segment on the National Teachers Hall of Fame is available here: Watch Now!