We currently maintain and provide 24-hour service for six camera live streams featuring the beautiful Topeka Zoo & Conservation Center’s Giraffes, Tigers and Patas Monkeys.

View all of KTWU’s zoo live streams on our #TopZooKTWU YouTube channel.

If you would like to contribute towards the maintenance and upkeep of the #TopZooKTWU live streaming cameras, please visit https://ktwu.org/zoo-cams/. We greatly appreciate any level of support!

On the Giraffe cameras, you can watch adults Sarge, Abi and Hope and giraffe calves Elizabeth (Hope’s calf) and Konza (Abi’s calf) as they grow.
We value what you see and appreciate your help. If you see any unusual or strange animal behavior, or something out of the ordinary, please let us know. Call: 785.368.9180
On the Patas Monkey cameras, you’ll get to watch the antics of two baby Patas Monkeys as well as three adult females (Winnie, Freeda and Emma) and one adult male – Harry
On the Tiger camera, you can watch Sanjiv, Jingga and their four cubs – Badar, Bintang, Raja and female Zayana.
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Window to the World: A view from the Zoo

Enjoy fun facts and cute animals in the digital series from KTWU and the Topeka Zoo.