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The 31st Season of

Sunflower Journeys

Is Complete!

KTWU’s Sunflower Journeys rolled right into it’s 31st season last year. In our ongoing production, we traveled the highways and byways to bring stories about Kansas and the people who live here, home to viewers. There are various ways you can see KTWU programming. Sunflower Journeys airs three times a week on KTWU. Thursday at 8 PM, Friday at 2:30pm, Saturday at 5:30PM and the following Wednesday on KTWU’s Enhance channel at 7:30pm. There are links below to see the latest shows online.

Sunflower Journeys also airs on KCPT in Kansas City, KPTS in Wichita, and Smoky Hills Public Television in the western part of the state. Our broadcast schedule may differ greatly from the other stations in Kansas, and on KCPT in Kansas City, so please check local listings for airtimes on those stations.

Sunflower Journeys 3100 Season

3101- Safe and Sound – Premiered 9/13/18 at 8pm on KTWU – We look back at the contributions that Dr. Samuel Crumbine made to the collective health of citizens throughout the state and beyond; we meet up with the Kansas Highway Patrol and several of their community partners and learn about safety programs; we travel to Wichita and see first-responder techniques demonstrated to kids. Watch Here 

3102 – An Artists’ Touch – Premiered 9/20/18 at 8pm on KTWU – We find out about Arts Connect, a non-profit group dedicated to promoting arts in Topeka; we look at a new community art project in Wamego, Kansas that features Toto, the dog from the Wizard of Oz books and films; and we meet JooYoung Choi, an artist at the Wichita Riverfest who invites us to explore her colorful imaginary world. Watch Here

3103 – High Up In Kansas – Premiered 9/27/18 at 8pm on KTWU –  Is Kansas flat? We explore the thoughts of novelist Tom Averill as he talks about viewing Kansas from above; we learn about the Kansas Civil Air Patrol; and we tour a wind turbine in this Plains People segment on Joe Schmidt, manager of a wind farm in Western Kansas. Watch Here

3104 – Regional Disaster – Premiered 10/4/18 at 8pm on KTWU – We look back to the Brush Creek Flood of 1977, and talk to some people who were touched by this tragic event; we find out about the Anderson Creek Wildfire and see what role the lack of land management played in fire intensity and we meet Dusty Nichols as he tours us though a blast shelter in this Plains People segment. Watch Here

3105 – Kansas Goes National – Premiered 10/11/18 at 8pm on KTWU – We learn how Topeka has recently acknowledged home builder L.F. Garlinghouse and his contributions to home design in Topeka and beyond; we check in with The Land Institute in Salina, KS, and learn about their on-going work in sustainable agriculture; we meet inventor Cliff Hix, and see how his work has enhanced the screen printing industry. Watch Here

3106 – Visions of The Future – Premiered 10/18/18 at 8pm on KTWU – We explore a new development in Pittsburg, KS, called Block 22, and see how a public-private partnership has formed to bring together student housing and retail space in the community’s downtown area; we look at a project that began 20 years ago to relocate Lenexa’s downtown area to a new location; we learn about an organization called Forge, which is focused on networking young talent and young professionals in Topeka. Watch Here

3107 – And Then We Learn – Premiered 10/25/18 at 8pm on KTWU – We visit with members of the Topeka History Geeks and see how social media has brought together these like-minded individuals; we are introduced to a group of high school students in Wamego, KS, who help veterans visit their respective military memorials in Washington, DC; and we look at some of the findings of an archeological training dig at the Kaw Mission in Council Grove, KS. Watch Here

3108 – Let’s Get Outdoors – Premiered 11/1/18 at 8pm on KTWU – We explore “Field Station: Dinosaurs,” which is a new attraction in Derby, KS, that engages kids with realistic life-size models of prehistoric creatures; we see what camping is like at a vintage RV rally at Eisenhower State Park; and we meet Denise Selbee-Koch and Jennifer Woerner as they lead a group of women on outdoor adventures in this Plains People segment. Watch Here

3109 – Small Town Attraction – Premieres 11/8/18 at 8pm on KTWU – We visit the Wash-O-Rama in Cottonwood Falls, KS, and find out how repurposing derelict buildings can stimulate local economies; we explore tours highlighting ghost stories in Atchison, KS; we travel to Pittsburg, KS, and learn the value of local historical societies as we explore the reopening of the Crawford County Historical Museum. Watch Here

3110- That’s Entertainment – Premiered 11/15/18 at 80pm on KTWU – We visit several opera houses in Kansas, and find out about the history and significance of early opera houses to rural Kansas; we drop in on the 25th Kansas Prairie Pickers gathering in Holton, KS; we meet Phillip “Brail” Watson in this Plains People segment. Watch Here

3111 – Books, News and Information – Premiers 12/06/18 at 8pm on KTWU – We check out Little Blue Books on the 100th anniversary of these small books that publisher E. Haldeman-Julius called “A University In Print”; we talk to Emporia State professors Emily Vardell and Jim Walther discuss information overload and how to track real facts when researching subjects on the internet; we meet the new owner of the Raven Bookstore in Lawrence, KS. Watch Here

3112- Move Me – Premiered 12/13/18 at 8pm on KTWU – For many decades Kansas City had a system of streetcars that moved people around the urban downtown, and we find out about their latest incarnation of people-mover; we travel to McPherson, KS, to learn about the 4-year auto restoration program at McPherson College; we visit Track Night at Heartland Park in Topeka and learn more about the Sports Car Club of America. Watch Here

3113 – Underground and Underwater – Premiered 12/20/18 at 8pm on KTWU –We visit SubTropolis, an underground facility in Kansas City; we learn about the dangers of aquatic invasive species like Asian Carp and Zebra Mussels, and we visit Southeastern, Kansas, and see how the mining of coal, lead and zinc tied into the local economy in early 20th century. Watch Here


Download our .pdf index of all Sunflower Journeys productions. We have two links. One for the complete series and one that just includes updated pages from this last season to add to pages you may already have printed.

2019 Complete Index

The 2019 Update Packet includes a new table of contents, and a revised index and listings for the latest programs.



Each year we produce a new series of programs which are broadcast on a weekly basis, with each new season premiering in the fall. Our show travels the state to tell stories of the people, places and happenings that are important to Kansans. We strive to incorporate historic elements to our segments when the story calls for it, and research historic images, documents and moving images from, county, state, and often national collections.

These programs often feature the insights of knowledgeable individuals who provide the expertise and experiences upon which the resulting stories are based. Although the three segments of each program are designed to complement each other, they may also be viewed separately, which may be desirable for classroom settings.PBS has been voted as, “The most trusted organization in America” for 10 consecutive years (Source: Caravan Orc Int., 2013). Can you imagine a better messenger for your sales message? To advertise here, email Eugene Williams or call 785-670-1111.


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