Corporate Underwriter Employee Benefit

If the company you currently work for is an underwriter of KTWU programming, you are eligible to become a KTWU member at a discount as our way of saying Thanks to your company and to you.

Corporate Employee Membership Discounts:

Level Name Current $ Discount to % of savings
Member 30.00 25.00 16%
Passport 60.00 50.00 16%
Show Runner 75.00 60.00 20%
Director 150.00 120.00 20%
Producer 365.00 320.00 12%
Executive Producer 500.00 450.00 10%

In addition to the discount, you are eligible for all items and concessions non-CUE members receive.

To Qualify for The Program:

Individual must be a current employee of a current KTWU underwriter corporation as verified by:

  1. Most current pay stub with SS# and salary information blacked out
  2. Or, letter on company stationary from a Human Resources representative or supervisor

Membership is annual and current verification must be presented at time of renewal. A renewal letter will be sent within 30 days of renewal month.

For further details, please contact your Human Resources department to learn about the benefit of becoming a KTWU Corporate Underwriter Employee Member.