CPB/CSG Compliance

CPB/CSG Compliance Criteria:

KTWU Management:

Val VanDerSluis, Val VanDerSluis, General Manager – val.vandersluis@washburn.edu
Wanda Hinton, Executive Assistant – wanda.hinton1@washburn.edu
Shelia Summers, Director Marketing & Promotions – shelia.summers@washburn.edu
Greg Simms, Director of Development & Donor Engagement – greg.simms@washburn.edu
Charlotte Purcell, – Membership Manager charlotte.purcell@washburn.edu
Jim Kelly, Interim Director of Production – jim.kelly@washburn.edu
Gary Krohe, Director Engineering & Technology – gary.krohe@washburn.edu

KTWU Community Advisory Committee

Mike Bell – Marketing
Gary Cushinberry – Business
Tara Dimick – Media
Danielle Dempsey-Swopes – Education
Michael Kates – Education
Jay Lang – Entrepreneurial
Allison Marker – Community
Eric Patterson -Media
Bruce Roberts – Technology
Colby Sharples-Terry – Government 
Maria Stover, Ph.D – Education
Matt Taylor – Business
Patrick Woods – Business
Curtis Young – Government

Donor Information:
KTWU does not share its donor information with any non-affiliated third parties.