Independent Producers

KTWU supports our local independent producers’ projects

KTWU’s broadcast schedule showcases a wide variety of programming, and features the talent of many producers; artists, musicians, writers, and self-help enthusiasts to name a few. In our mission to enrich the lives of those we reach, we also support our local talent through our services of airing Independent Producers’ work, and presenting Independent Producers’ films on a nationwide basis.

KTWU requirements for independent producers

An Independent Producer must have knowledge and experience in the production of film or video. The successful applicant may have a background in creating previous works for public television or related industries such as commercial television and feature films. We require a proven track record of creativity and innovation. We entertain program submissions that are unique to what is currently being offered to programmers, compelling, well-conceived, and serves the mission of KTWU.

How can we assist you?

KTWU collaborates with Independent Producers in the following manners:

  • Screening of content and offering feedback to get it up to standards for broadcast and distribution.
  • Airing of Independent Producers’ films on KTWU.
  • Assist with distribution of films to a national audience on a multitude of platforms.
  • Assist Independent Producers with explanation of options for local, regional and national distribution for their films.
  • Airing of Independent Producers’ films
  • Presenting Independent Producers’ films on a national basis

How projects are evaluated by KTWU

KTWU evaluates all proposed projects based on the following criteria:

  • How does the project contribute to KTWU’s mission?
  • What is the intended audience and does it attract diverse audiences?
  • Is the content unique? Is there anything already in distribution featuring the same subject matter?
  • If the content features similar subject matter, how will it differentiate itself from existing content?
  • Is the production quality up to broadcast standards?
  • What is the intended goal for the project? Does it educate/inform, entertain, etc.?
  • Are there ways beyond the program itself to engage the viewer (outreach, social networks, etc.)?
  • What is the total budget for the project?
  • Is the production fully-funded? If not, is there a fundraising plan associated with the production?
  • The background for the production team, what other shows have they produced?
  • What is the return-on-investment for KTWU?

Proposals submitted to KTWU for the purpose of presenting films on a national basis

KTWU has presented a number of highly-successful films on a nationwide basis to public television stations (Make48, Jayhawkers, Portrait of Landscape: The Flint Hills, PlainSpirits, Theater of the Mind, Minds that Matter, Let Freedom Ring, etc.). We are happy to speak with you about the contractual requirements should your program be accepted by KTWU for potential national distribution. Your program proposal for national presentation efforts must include the following…

  • Program Preview: please submit a rough-cut or preview of the work-in-progress, if there is one. If you do not have a preview, please submit a DVD, a video file or link of any previous production work you may have done on a previous project.
  • Synopsis: brief outline/summary of the subject and story of the program. The synopsis will give KTWU an idea of how the idea came about, what the intended purpose for the program is, intended audience and why the independent producer feels the program is unique to public television.
  • Treatment: explain your vision for the program. This would include information about the structure, theme, style, format, narration, point-of-view, music, included interviews. If the program is not yet complete or is still in story idea mode, you need to tell us what it is you envision the final product to look like.
  • Project Timetable: provide detailed timetables for your fund-raising strategy, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution strategies.
  • Interactive Elements: explain how you envision the project going beyond the broadcast itself. Companion websites, social network opportunities, outreach opportunities, etc.
  • Budget: a detailed budget for the entire production must be submitted.
  • Potential Community Partners: identify organizations and/or individuals who could potentially contribute to the project and how they could contribute (for production itself, for funding purposes, etc.)
  • Personnel: identify and submit resumes for key personnel related to the program (i.e. producer, director, writer, videographer, editor, narrator), and please include who you plan to use as experts, consultants, talent, etc.

Please submit your proposal to:

Valerie VanDerSluis
General Manager
1700 SW College Ave.
Topeka, KS 66621

How to submit your film for air on KTWU

All Independent Producer film submissions must have closed-captioning, signed release forms from all talent and individuals featured within the program, have all music and artistic release forms, and have proof of Errors and Omissions Insurance related to the program.

Please send a DVD copy, a video file or link of your film and your contact information to:

Valerie VanDerSluis
General Manager
1700 SW College Ave.
Topeka, KS 66621