Educational Resources

KTWU Education engages with community and educational organizations to effect positive change.

PBS Learning Media

Thousands of teachers who use digital media to engage students have joined PBS Teachers to share ideas, experiences and innovations on using digital resources, including content from PBS, to teach.

PBS Shop for Teachers

PBS Teachers will also help you find PBS video products. You can use PBS Shop for Teachers to find DVDs and other formats of PBS series and specials which are cleared for use in educational settings, educationally enhanced, segmented and searchable.

Sunflower Journeys

Several public libraries in the state have developed extensive collections of these programs, and middle school teachers find them to be especially relevant to classes on Kansas history and folklore. We now have more than over 900 stories related to Kansas history and geography as well as cultural, environmental and social issues. These programs may be purchased from KTWU or check out your local public library to see if they might be available.