Wyland's Art Studio - Lion

For centuries, artists have employed light and shadow for a theatrical effect. The technique, known traditionally as chiaroscuro, refers to a strong juxtaposition of light and shade to enhance the dramatic aspects of a painting. The technique was pioneered and used to heightened effect by Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt. In this portrait of a regal lion, Wyland uses the interplay of shading to establish dramatic and dominant nature of these beautiful apex hunters. First, Wyland pays singular attention to his light sources and creates the painting from there, establishing lines, mid tones, then adding strong shadows. The light source is the single most important aspect of chiaroscuro painting. Highlights that have a bit of color from the light source may be added. If the light source is cool, highlights may include a variety of blue colors. If the source is warm, yellows, oranges or reds may be added.

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