Dinosaur Train - Spooky Tree/Spinosaurus Super Model

"Spooky Tree" - Shiny invites Annie Tyrannosaurus to Pteranodon Terrace for a sleepover, but all Annie wants to do is investigate the "spooky tree" that Don says "comes alive at night." All Shiny wants to do is stay as far away from the tree as possible. Can the kids get to the bottom of the mysterious tree, and figure out if it really comes alive at night? Educational Objectives: A wide variety of organisms produce light inside their bodies, and this light can be used for a variety of purposes. Some creatures have a chemical reaction in their bodies called "bio-luminescence," which causes them to glow. This bioluminescence can serve different functions, including camouflage, luring of prey, mimicry of other animals, and warnings for potential predators that the glowing critter is unpalatable. "Spinosaurus Super Model" - When Don stumbles across a stick that looks EXACTLY like Old Spinosaurus, he's determined to have the grumpy old dinosaur pose for his sculpture (so he can get the Spinosaurus's features exactly right). But when they arrive at Old Spinosaurus's home, he makes it clear that there's no way he's posing for anything. Can Don convince Old Spinosaurus to pose for his sculpture, or will Don have to come up with another plan? Educational Objectives: Spinosaurus, a gigantic theropod from the Cretaceous period, was the world's largest land carnivore, and the only Mesozoic dinosaur truly built for living in the water versus on land (as opposed to going into the water to cool off, for example).

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