Taste of Louisiana with Chef John Folse & Company: Hooks, Lies & Alibis - Oysters - Empire, LA

In this episode, John travels the mouth of the Mississippi River and meets the Lepetich family. Mato Lepetich came to Louisiana in the early 20th century and started farming oysters, and his son Matt teaches John all about the oyster industry and how Czechoslovakians came to settle in Louisiana and dominated the industry. Matt then helps John make oyster Rockefeller soup. John then meets Curtis Hendon, a Native American oysterman, and the two grill some fire roasted oysters right on the banks at Isle de Jean Charles. Back at the dock, Matt Lepetich's mother, Joyce, shows John how to make oyster spaghetti with a unique Czechoslovakian seasoning. And the drink of the day is of course, the oyster shooter.

Series Website: http://www.lpb.org/folse

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