Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen - Garden of Dreams

In this sensational season opener of the series, Julie finds herself in a garden of dreams in Mama's Glorious Garden. This special place and special person, both serve as Julie's number one source of inspiration and ideas that influences her to create, cook and celebrate her impressive line-up of fresh, flavorful and fabulous Lebanese foods. From exquisite eggplant, vine-ripe ruby-red tomatoes and spectacular Swiss chard to bouquets of healthy herbs, perky peppers and purple potatoes, Julie showcases and shares some special Lebanese recipes in which all of the ingredients are sourced straight from Mama's home-grown garden. Throughout this spectacular show, Julie takes viewers along with her right into the garden to get an up close and personal look at all of the beautiful and breathtaking bounty as she meets with Mama who shares some of her green-thumb gardening tips for viewers to try for themselves at home. It's more garden, more glory and most of all more Mama in Julie's garden of dreams show, let's dig into deliciousness.

Series Website: http://www.JulieTaboulie.com

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