Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen - Eggplant Extravaganza

On today's show, it's an extraordinary eggplant extravaganza. American, Italian, Indian, Sicilian, French, Lebanese, Japanese and Chinese too, it's all about eggplant that Julie is making just for you. From simple and sophisticated to earthy and exotic, eggplants are excellent selections for sauces, spreads, soups and stews, stuffed and even pickled eggplant too. In today's episode Julie is sharing some of her favorite eggplant recipes with you. Julie's eggplant extravaganza all starts with her signature starter called batenjen mishwee, a fire-roasted eggplant spread that sets the stage for her magnificent main meal, internationally known as sheikh el' mahshi. Her star dish delight of the day showcases baby Indian eggplants, that are sauteed and stuffed with a mouthwatering meat and pine nut mixture then blissfully baked away in a tomato casserole that is golden brown and bubbly as can be. Last but certainly not least is a specialty breakfast dish called bayd b batenjen baked eggs and eggplants that is an enjoyable flavor combination. With just one look, you will love Julie's extraordinary eggplant dishes and inspiring ideas just as much as she loves preparing them for you. Sourced straight from Mama's garden with Mama's eggplant expertise on how-to grow right at home. Sliced, diced, sauteed, smashed and stuffed too, it's Julie's eggplant extravaganza that she is cooking up just for you.

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