Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen - Falling for Fattoush

Julie is falling for fattoush and you will be too. Her Lebanese peasant-style bread staple is sure to become your new favorite salad. This singular dish inspires Julie to visit a wonderful waterfall nearby where freshness fills the air and aspires her to make a light and lovely Lebanese meal. In today's show, Julie brings you along with her as she surrounds herself in one of Mother Nature's natural wonders before she heads back into the kitchen to create her fresh and flavorful family of dishes known as fattat meaning to use "left-over flat bread." This Lebanese peasant-style bread salad is anything but peasant-tasting and is full of sudden surprises. Exhilarating tastes and textures infuse with a variety of vibrant vegetables and herbs that meet a medley of mixed greens coated in a lemony and garlicky vinaigrette that is seasoned with tangy sumac spice. Then, this spectacular salad is tossed together with Julie's homemade crispy and crunchy, toasted-to-perfection pita bread pieces that is sure to become your new favorite salad. Julie also introduces you to another member of the fattat family of foods that also goes by the same name called fatteh hummus, which is a warm chickpea-pita-chip-dip bowl blend of chickpeas, yogurt, spices, parsley and toasted pine nuts layered with crispy pita chips. Since pita bread is a uniting theme in this show, Julie teaches you how-to make and bake your very own pita chips right at home with her khebez mahamas b soomsoom. This show is all about making simple and satisfying dishes with fresh ingredients that you have on hand and that you don't need to fuss over. Fattoush, it's a waterfall of freshness.

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