Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen - Lebanese Sweets for the Holiday Season

Special seasonal sweets straight from Lebanon and the Middle East always signify the holiday season for Julie as she warmly welcomes you into her home for the holiday season. Ever since Julie was a little girl she grew up to the sights, sounds and smells of fragrant orange blossom water, floral rose water and the warm aroma of baklawa baking away by her beautiful mother. Today's show Julie is masterfully making and baking some of the most famous sweets and some of her personal favorites for the holiday season. First up is Julie's blissful Baklawa, a decadent phyllo dough and walnut diamond-cut dessert that is deliciously delightful. Followed by her homemade phyllo dough cups called baklawa b ashta filled with a luscious Lebanese cream and tasty toppings then finished off with her orange blossom syrup called ater b mazaher. Last, but certainly, not least is the queen sweet of Lebanon and the Middle East, a special treat simply called knefeh. Deliciously decadent and absolutely divine, Julie's Lebanese signature sweets are sure to be a special treat for your family and friends this holiday season straight from Julie's Lebanese kitchen to yours.

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