Nature Cat - Rights Or Wrong/Amazing Animals

Say it isn't so! Cousin Marvin and the marsh are in trouble - again! Something is stopping the water upstream and now marsh has no steady source of water and it dried up. Nooo! Without the stream water, animals have to move on in search of food. Nature Cat and his pals investigate and find... Ronald?! It seems that Ronald has built a huge water slide that is blocking the stream and he refuses to move it! It's up to Nature Cat and his pals to convince Ronald to do the right thing and save the marsh! / Granny Bunny has a wintery surprise for Daisy and her pals. All they need to do is meet her at the top of the really big hill in Sunset Park but getting there is not so easy! They have freezing cold temperatures to deal with, deep snow to get over and icy mountainsides to climb. When all seems lost, and our gang feels like they cannot go on because of the elements, they get inspiration and ideas from a few unlikely animals!

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11.1 9/28 5:00 pm