Nature Cat - Man-Oh-Mangrove/Northern Lights Sights

How did Kathy, a little lost spiny lobster, wind up in Nature Cat's backyard? It had something to do with getting stuck inside a fisherman's boot, but now there is a big problem. Kathy needs to get back home, but she's not sure where she lives. Not to worry, Nature Cat and his pals have helped many an animal get back to their homes, and they will help Kathy. It should be a piece of cake. Does Kathy have any idea where she lives? Kathy says her home is among the trees. Trees?! How can a lobster live in a tree? Whaaaat? / Get ready and buckle up, Nature Adventurers! It's time for Number 479 on Nature Cat's Nature Curiosity List! "Does the Aurora Borealis really turn the winter night sky amazing colors?" Aurora Borealis, also called the Northern Lights, is supposed to be one of the most amazing sights in all of nature. The Northern Lights look like colorful, beautiful rays of light that sweep upwards from the horizon like willowing curtains in the winter night sky. Colors in the sky? Mind blown! But finding the Northern Lights proves harder than they think. Where are you, you most elusive Northern Lights?!

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