Nature Cat - Daisy's Wildflower Round-Up/A Party for Squeeks!

Wild Daisy Knickknack, Nature Cat Kid, Sundown Squeeks and their authentic western horse-poke, Hal, are on a Wild West adventure searching for something really wild - wildflowers! Wildflowers grow without anyone planting them. How wild is that? Time to round up three of the wildest wild flowers this side of the Mississippi. Actually, both sides! Yee-haw! / Poor Squeeks, has the winter blues! She feels like it's been winter forever and she's sick of it. She also misses her other friends who have been gone all winter, especially her pal Edna the eagle. Nature Cat has an idea to cheer up his mouse pal! What if they throw Squeeks an End-Of-The-Winter party to celebrate this time of year, and to remind her of all the things she loves about nature? That should cheer her up, right? Time to plan a party for Squeeks!

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11.1 8/4 5:00 pm