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Nature Cat - Freezin' in the Summer Season/Total Eclipse of the Sun

Get ready, gang, it's time for Nature Cat's annual Summer Fest - summer fun, the whole day long. Whoo hooo! First up is their Summer Fest Sprinkler Frolic, followed by Summer Fest Bike Ride and Summer Fest Kickball game. Nothing can ruin their wonderful Summer Fest, except for the super tall dark clouds approaching and the ominous cool breeze. Man oh man! A thunderstorm! But wait a tick, what is that stuff falling from the sky? It looks like snow, but it's bouncy. Snow in the summertime? Gimme some whaaaaat? / No one has ever seen Houston as excited as he is today. Know why? Because today there will be a total eclipse of the sun. Woo hoo! Raise the roof! Get this, the sun will be totally blocked out by the moon, so you won't be able to see it, and it will get dark in the middle of the day. The rest of the gang cannot wait to see the eclipse with Houston, except for Hal, who runs away to hide because he is scared. Hal?

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