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Growing A Greener World - Gardening on the Cheap: Top Tips for Saving Money and Time in the Garden (Atlanta, GA)

Gardeners are a frugal bunch. Much of what we do and grow in the garden saves us time and money there and beyond. Yet, for many, gardening is a passion and hobby that lures us into spending more than we should on the latest gadget, gimmick or new plant variety. Host Joe Lamp'l is well known for his money-saving ideas when it comes to gardening on the cheap. In this episode he shares some of his best tips for saving you time and money in and around the garden. Local Angle: While this episode takes place entirely from host Joe Lamp'l's North Atlanta area GardenFarm, these tips to saving money and time can be applied anywhere.

Series Website: http://www.growingagreenerworld.com

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