Cyberchase - A Camping Conundrum

Matt, Inez, Digit, and Jackie are planning a friendship retreat: four epic days of camping in the wilderness on Camptopia. Although Jackie's going to miss her warm bed, everyone's excited to spend uninterrupted time together in nature-no distractions whatsoever. All are happy campers until Digit's Power Pal 3000--a cooking-heating-entertainment center all-in-one--suddenly shuts down! With no gadgets to heat up their campsite, cook their meals, or save their retreat, temperatures drop while tensions rise. The kids have to learn how to work through their frustrations, and perhaps look up for a solution. Through a bit of trial and error, the kids discover that they can harness the power of the sun to solve their problems. It's amazing what solar energy and a little ingenuity can do!

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