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Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum - I Am Leonardo Da Vinci/I Am Amelia Earhart

I am Leonardo da Vinci Xavier gets caught in a tailspin when he can't decide which after-school activity to sign up for. Basketball? Dance? Robotics? It all sounds fun, how can he possibly pick just one? To the Secret Museum! Our heroes are sent back in time to meet the ultimate renaissance man: Leonardo da Vinci. During their playdate, we discover that Leonardo is interested in a lot of different things, too - just like Xavier! And he wouldn't have it any other way. What he learns doing one thing helps him with another! He helps Xavier to see that it's okay to try many different activities. Curriculum: "It's okay to try many different activities." I am Amelia Earhart There's a bike rodeo coming up and Brad can't wait to sign up, until he realizes that the course isn't training-wheel friendly. Uh oh. Brad can't possibly ride his bike without training wheels, can he? To the Secret Museum! Xavier takes his pal back in time to meet someone who never backed down from a challenge: Amelia Earhart. Watching Amelia boldly chase her dream of soaring through the clouds as the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo convinces Brad that when there's something you really want to do, even if it seems impossible, you just have to go for it. Curriculum: "Go for it!"

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