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Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum - I Am Catherine The Great/I Am Tomioka Tessai

I am Catherine the Great Brad shows up ready for day camp with a pep in his step and a smile on his face, until he finds out that he's going without Xavier or Yadina. Uh oh. Brad can't possibly go without his best friends! Who will he play with? Xavier and Yadina are sure Brad will make new friends at camp, but Brad isn't so sure - he doesn't know how. To the Secret Museum! Our heroes go back in time to meet someone who made all kids of friends: Catherine the Great. They find Catherine wandering outside her castle walls, simply so she can make some new friends to play with. Watching Catherine meet new kids, and ask them questions about themselves, shows Brad that getting to know people is a great way to make friends. I am Tomioka Tessai Yadina isn't sure if she should take her old family quilt in for show and tell; she loves it and all, but it's old and has a lot of holes - what if she feels embarrassed to show people? To the Secret Museum! Our heroes go back in time to meet someone who was deeply connected to the stories of his ancestry: Tomioka Tessai. They find the young artist as he's trying to decide what he should paint to share with his art class. While thinking it over, Tomioka takes our trio on a tour of his family's garden, and proudly tells the story of the cherry tree he planted there with his father and grandfather, helping both Tomioka and Yadina realize they should each present their class with something that's special to their family, because sharing stories about their family makes them feel proud.

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