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Clifford The Big Red Dog - Red Beard The Pirate/The Space Race!

Red Beard the Pirate - After reading a book about pirates, Emily Elizabeth and Clifford go on a pretend swashbuckling adventure around Birdwell Island in search of treasure! But, when Tucker loses his beloved Lil Squeakie, Emily Elizabeth and Clifford make it their mission to find that treasured doggy toy before bedtime. The Space Race! - Emily Elizabeth, Clifford and Samantha announce their plans to play astronauts and journey to Mars (really just the far end of the island). But, Pablo and Jack had the exact same idea. It's a race to see which team can reach Mars first! When trouble strikes, the teams learn that working together might be their best chance to make it back to Earth.

Series Website: http://www.pbs.org/clifford/

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