Flavor of Poland - Poznan, Gniezno

This may be one the most sentimental stops along our route! In this episode we visit the very birthplace of Poland - it is in the Greater Poland region and the cities of Pozna? and Gniezno that the early events of the Polish State took place. Countless monuments, some reaching as far back as the 10th century, tell the story of the creation of Poland. Its earliest rulers and historical figures lay buried in the crypts of some of the nation's first cathedrals found here in this region. The area's cuisine is also as rich as its history - In the 17th century Greater Poland was described as a "land flowing of milk and honey." Many claim it has remained so to this day and Aleksandra will take viewers on a walk to test the notion! In this episode we'll explore the iconic historical points associated with the region and have a taste of the flavors associated with oldest part of Polish history!

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