Samantha Brown's Places to Love - Vienna, Austria

At the 3rd Man Museum, Samantha joins Gerhard to learn about his passion for the Oscar-winning film, The 3rd Man, and also gets some insight into Vienna's fascinating history. From there, they explore the famous underground canals and sewers featured in the film. Coming straight out of the underground passages, Samantha finds herself in the popular Naschmarkt, where she samples cheeses, chocolate and other local favorites. At the Austrian National Library, Samantha takes in the beauty and history of Europe's largest baroque library. At the House of Music, Samantha experiences a new approach to music on a playful and scientific level. At the "Granny Cafe", Samantha chats with two of the grandmother chefs, who strive to bring generations together through traditional baking. Samantha then visits with a 6-generation silver maker and 2-century old jeweler, who represent two of the last living ties to former Vienna Empire. Samantha joins a local friend for a boat ride on the Old Danube River, then hikes through a vineyard for a wine and food tasting.

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