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Elinor Wonders Why - The Lizard Lounge/Feathers

The Lizard Lounge - Mrs. Beaver wants to build a new park bench in a perfect spot, but there's a giant rock in the way. No problem, they'll just move it, but then they run into another problem: lizards, who keep reappearing on the rock. With a little observation, Elinor and her friends realize that lizards like the rock because it's in the sun, and the lizards need a warm place to rest because they're cold blooded. So, the kids make a new cozy spot in the sun for their lizard friends. Eventually, the lizards move and Mrs. Beaver is able to build the bench. Feathers - When Ari finds a particularly cool feather and puts it in his cap, Elinor starts to wonder why birds have feathers in the first place. It's time for more observations! The group splits up and each of the kids observe interesting birds and conclude that birds need feathers for different reasons: to fly, to stay warm, and for decorations, sort of like their very own version of clothes! Ms. Mole confirms they are ALL right. In the end, Ari realizes there's another cool thing you can do with a feather - it makes a perfect sandcastle flag!

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11.15/31 11:00 am