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Elinor Wonders Why - The Paper Trail/Bath Time

The Paper Trail - The kids are making a storybook when they run out of paper, so they decide to get more from the store. Unfortunately, the store is out of paper too, so the kids wonder: where can they get more? This question brings them to Mr. Beaver's paper mill, where they learn that paper comes from trees, and the trees come from- a tree farm! After learning all the steps and how nature plays a significant role in making paper, the kids realize that it's important not to waste it. This inspires them to finish their story by drawing on the back of their old paper. Bath Time - After Ari's parents let him skip bath time, he's determined to never have a bath again. This makes Elinor, Ari and Olive ask the question, why do we have to take baths anyway? They learn all about the different ways animals keep themselves clean, but Ari is still adamant about never bathing again. That is, until he starts to get really sticky and itchy, which disrupts his playtime. He finally gives in to bath time and makes himself squeaky clean, but don't worry, he'll have plenty time to get dirty again tomorrow!

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