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Elinor Wonders Why - Follow Your Nose/Leaf Charms

Follow Your Nose - The kids are having fun smelling some flowers, but Ari has a bit of a cold and his nose is stuffed up, so he can't smell anything. This makes Elinor wonder why they need to smell at all. After investigating, the kids figure out that smelling is good for lots of reasons, including to be able to taste things, and to tell where things are. In the end, the girls decide to help Ari by smelling everything for him until his cold goes away. Leaf Charms - Elinor is excited to do some exploring with Camilla Dromedary, but Camilla seems more interested in playing dress up. Camilla doesn't think Nature is very exciting because it's all trees with leaves and its all... green! After a while they go outside and Camilla discovers that leaves come in all different shapes and colors. It turns out Nature has something she loves: a lot of flair! The girls use the leaves to make some special charms and necklaces to remind them of their fun day exploring

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