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Pinkalicious & Peterrific - Petercadabra/Sleepless In Pinkville

"Petercadabra" Peter is determined to become a great magician after finding Daddy's book of magic tricks. And with a fancy hat, a wand, and a little bit of magic, Peter is well on his way to becoming "The Great Peterini." Curriculum: (Theater) Use costumes props and your imagination to take on a persona. "Sleepless in Pinkville" Pinkalicious and Peter have to get up early for a very special sunrise, but are too excited to sleep. Perhaps Goldie the unicorn can help them finally get some shut-eye? Curriculum: (Theater) Experiment with the imagination and creative movement as a way to release energy and play together.

Series Website: https://pbskids.org/pinkalicious

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