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Pinkalicious & Peterrific - Butterfly Garden Party/Animal Dance

Butterfly Garden Party: When Pinkalicious and Peter see a rare Pink Empress Butterfly, they are inspired to build a butterfly garden to attract more! Curriculum: (Theater) Imitate a butterfly using movements and a simple costume; (STEAM) Create a habitat to attract butterflies. Animal Dance: Everyone in dance class has to give a performance inspired by their favorite animal. For Pinkalicious, the perfect animal to dance like is a Rooster-Cat-A-Roo. Now all she needs to do is convince her class that this animal actually exists. Curriculum: (Dance) Imitate movements made by animals. Interstitial: Kids learn about symmetry as they fold, cut, and paint paper to create butterfly art.

Series Website: https://pbskids.org/pinkalicious

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11.16/26 10:30 am