Pinkalicious & Peterrific - The Monster Trap/The Search for Peter's Whistle

The Monster Trap: It's bedtime, but Peter is convinced there is a monster hiding in his room. To help reassure her brother, Pinkalicious builds a fort and sets a trap just in case a monster does decide to show up. Curriculum: (Theater) Use dramatic play to foster problem-solving; build simple sets in role play; (STEAM) Explore building through trial and error using found and repurposed materials. The Search for Peter's Whistle: It seems like everyone in Pinkville can whistle, except Peter. No matter how much he practices, he still can't seem to get it right - or so he thinks. Curriculum: (Music) Whistling is one means, unique to everyone, of making music and interacting with each other and our world. Interstitial: Kids use a cardboard box to build and decorate a castle for their stuffed animals.

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11.1 8/15 10:30 am