Hero Elementary - Tail of One Kitty/Movie Theater Meltdown

A little girl's kitten is on the loose. It's Sparks' Crew to the rescue. They observe how animals use their tails and they apply that new information to their day-saving rescue. Curriculum: Observe, describe, and compare how animals use their tails for many purposes. / At the movie theater, Sparks' Crew meets Stevie Heat, a teen with an out of control superpower: his hands heat up and melt anything he touches. The team has to help Stevie clean up and learn to control his heat hands before the movie starts. Curriculum: When matter is heated or cooled, it may change. Some of those changes can be reversed and some can't.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

11.1 12/6 12:00 pm 11.1 12/6 3:00 pm