Hero Elementary - Bouncing Ideas / Leaning Tower, No Pizza

Hero Elementary student, Rubberband Robbie, is super stretchy. But, when he coils up into a ball and bounces all over the school, Sparks' Crew has to find a way to stop him, and to keep him from bouncing out of control again. Curriculum: When there's a problem to solve, first be sure you understand the problem. Then, figure out an idea to try. Build it. Test it. Share what you find out. Then, keep building and testing your ideas until you find a solution that works. / When Lucita flies to pick up pizza, she accidentally causes a communication tower to fall over, knocking out all phone service. How will the pizzeria get its pizza orders now? Sparks' Crew tests out different low-tech ways of communicating long-distance. Curriculum: There are many ways to send messages over long distances. Through engineering, you can design and test alternative solutions.

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