Hero Elementary - Teacher of the Year / The Sweet Smell of Success

There's a big surprise in store for Mr. Sparks: He will be receiving the "Hero Teacher of the Year" award! His heroic students want to make everything special for the big celebration, and that includes making a cake. But, will Sparks' Crew be able to keep the party a surprise while they figure out the right mixture for the cake batter? Curriculum: If you mix materials together, the properties of the mixture may not be the same as the properties of the materials themselves. / Invisigirl (a former student) likes to use her invisibility to play jokes, but a joke has unintended consequences when she makes a cake invisible, and then can't find it! The team tries to track it down via their sense of smell, but will it be enough to find the cake? Curriculum: Humans have five senses they use to gather information about the world around them. They can use that information to solve problems.

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11.1 1/12 7:00 am