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Are you more concerned with what others think? Do mistakes equal failure or the risk of rejection? Do you have a constant need for status or worth to maintain attachment or belonging? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you see what perfectionism looks like. Author, Jane Bluestein will discuss these and other traits to watch out for. Her business is Instructional Support Services, Inc. John Vollertsen, also known as Chef Johnny Vee, is going to demonstrate how to cook with Moroccan Tagines and prepare a preserved lemon couscous dish. He is the owner of Las Cosas Cooking School. Ann Butler and Lisa Rojas are publishers of an online magazine called Bella Crafts. Each issue is "chock" full of photographs, instructions, projects and ideas for crafts of all types, as well as new products on the market. Various designers and crafters are featured, along with their area of expertise.

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