Passion Italy - Umbria

Experience the enticing city at Italy's center and its unique craftsmanship preserved for generations. A pipe organ maker invites Alessandra to his workshop in Trevi where he is cutting a mouthpiece by hand for a Renaissance style wall organ in his family's tradition, then on to Assisi where he is working on an organ restoration. While there, viewers experience a festival carried on since the Middle Ages to welcome the return of spring. Less known to tourists, La Scarzuola is an architectural wonderland by architect Tommaso Buzzi, whose nephew has given new life to this magical place. In Perugia, Alessandra meets a mother and daughter working side by side as the fourth and fifth generation of stained-glass artisans using Renaissance techniques in a castle. A bike ride to Corciano brings Alessandra to the home of a man who embodies the spirit of the series - a doctor who runs an agriturismo on weekends where he cooks and serves the dishes of his childhood to guests - and is also an accomplished sculptor.

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