My Greek Table with Diane Kochilas - Food Secrets of Mykonos

On a cruise ship to Mykonos, Diane discovers not the dazzling cosmopolitan side of Greece's most iconic party island, but the quiet life and food of its local farmers. She cooks with a young chef who is breathing new life into the island's traditional recipes, discovers onion pie, delicious cured pork, and one of the oldest cheeses in the world, called kopanisti, still made by the few remaining farm families on the island. In the kitchen, inspired by Mykonos, she makes a garlicky local pasta recipe, and a Greek island fish soup. Kremmydopita - Onion Phyllo Pie; Skordomakaronada - Crunchy Garlic-Rusk Pasta Psarosoupa - Fish Soup with Avgolemono.

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