My Greek Table with Diane Kochilas - Tinos: Ancient Marble, Timeless Flavors

Within almost swimming distance of Mykonos, the small neighboring island of Tinos couldn't be more different. Renowned for its tradition of marble sculpting and home to some of the most... marvelous...flavors in the Aegean, Tinos is magical. Diane visits a famous local marble sculptor and segues into the island's own sculpted landscape en route to visit an old friend and great cook, where she learns the secrets of pinched sweet cheese cakes, ancient sesame-honey confections and more. Back in her own kitchen, she creates a luscious Tinos-style artichoke bread pudding and red mullet in caper sauce, both Tinos traditional specialties. Anginaropita - Artichoke Bread Pudding; Barbounia me Kapari - Red Mullet w/Capers & Tomatoes; Tsimbites - Pinched Cheese Cakes; Pasteli - Sesame-Honey Confection.

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