The Whole Truth with David Eisenhower - Confronting Climate Change: What's Needed, What's Feasible, What's Achievable?

The Earth is warming. The climate is changing. In the wake of the growth of human population and human economic development, carbon levels in the atmosphere, with its greenhouse effects, have risen to a level not believed to have existed for perhaps three million years. Scenarios about what all this will mean for humanity for the rest of the 21st Century vary, but the range of predictions go from merely bad, to terribly worse. What should be done? What's needed? What's feasible? What's achievable? Guests: Fred Krupp, President, Environmental Defense Fund; Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science & Director of the Earth System Science Center, Penn State University; co-author of "The Madhouse Effect"; Ted Halstead, Chairman & CEO, Climate Leadership Council; Joe Rie, Founding Member, Stable Climate Group.

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